Farming wood easily in Ark: Survival progressed is extremely vital for at an early stage base and equipment construction. If did you do it been out there with your rock hatchet hacking away at trees, you’ll recognize that it deserve to be a really time spend repetitive process just come get enough to make a solitary wall piece. While the game doesn’t offer any real shortcuts to get roughly the require for wood (except for moving on come other structure materials, most of i beg your pardon still call for it in some form), there are some methods that do the gathering faster and also less laborious.

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Upgrading your Tools

While you nothing unlock accessibility to metal equipment until the mid-20s, many higher level players room willing come trade materials in exchange for crafting them for you. Steel Hatchets room much an ext efficient in ~ extracting lumber from trees than their stone counterpart. You deserve to usually intend to get 15 – 20 lumber from a solitary tree through a steel hatchet.

Farming hardwood that quickly will eat up your weight capacity very fast, so it’s constantly a good idea to have a trained creature to serve as a pack pet for you. Pteradons are good pack creatures because they perform not shed stamina if they room overburdened while complying with so you have the right to load them increase as much as friend can. Larger creatures favor Paras additionally make great pack animals and also will at the very least triple the amount of wood you deserve to bring ago each trip.



These lumbering ancient elephants space quite possibly the best means to gather hardwood in the game. Simply walk up to a tree and also attack it come farm hardwood from any type of trees in former of the Mammoth. The Mammoth likewise gathers very little thatch due to the fact that it supplies its tusks come uproot entire trees, a pretty bonus that will conserve your inventory for an ext wood. Pair that through a huge weight capacity and also your wood gathering issues will more than if you regulate to obtain yourself a pet Mammoth.

It’s essential to keep in mind that other creatures like the Bronto, Trike, and Anklyo can all ruin trees however when they execute they primary gain thatch and also very tiny wood. Because that a pure hardwood gatherer over there is no beating the Mammoth.

Finding a Mammoth

You’ll must be at least lvl 40 before you deserve to craft the Mammoth saddle, or friend can uncover a people mate/ friendly human being to do one for you. When you’ve obtained one the finest place to discover a Mammoth is in any mountainous area, more often in the internal of the island. Be mindful though, this area is likewise home to Sabretooths which travel in packs and also inflict hefty damage.

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Items forced to tame a Mammoth room 50 – 100 Narcotics and around 300 Mejoberry.