I played HoT content and additionally Season 3 via my primary, and also currently I simply leveled one more character to 80.Of course the waypoints in HoT/S3 zones are not opened yet to my alt, however I don"t desire to play again the introdutory story line just to acquire to those zones.

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What I mean is: I want to enter each zone again through my alt, however I don"t desire to go through all that story blablabla again.

So, any kind of way to skip the stories and enter all HoT/S3 zones?


You could either usage a teleport to a frifinish or usage the portal scrolls for the Seachild 3 maps (they do not go to HoT maps, which is why I stated them specifically).


DebraKadabra.5278 said:You can either use a teleport to a friend or usage the portal scrolls for the Seaboy 3 maps (they don"t go to HoT maps, which is why I pointed out them specifically).

^ thisFor HoT map, you can additionally go tbelow utilizing Guild Hall if your guild have itLost Precipice is linked to Verdant BrinkGilded Hollow is associated to Auric Basin


HoT is availale from SW for all alts as shortly as one character has actually done Torn from the Sky.Bitterfrost Frontier (and also for some reason only Bitterfrost) is also easily accessible through portal for alts after initial enattempt.

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All other LW3 maps requirements portal scrolls or TtF to stop story.


Hmmmm. To gain to silverwastes. I think you need to go via brisbans map. However before you spell it lol. And then just run. And that leads to all hot maps. I think celedon leads to brisban? However before look up exactly how to acquire to brisban. Or easiest way. Once you obtain to brisbans you should run to the top left edge. That"s the portal to silverwastes. Then silverwastes leads to verdant. Verdant leads to auric. Auric leads to tangled. And tangled leads to dragons stand.