If you’ve made it this much you’re doing well. Dark Souls 3 has a lot more in store for you. This time we head to the Roadway of Sacrifices.

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The First Bonfire

From the Church take the elevator dvery own. An Outrider Knight is standing in your route in between you and also the bonfire that starts this section. He’s a small choose Vordt yet smaller sized and also quicker. He likewise has a sword through Frostbiting so attempt not to get into a attracted out fight. Time his strikes and also then roll to the side and assault. When he’s dead he’ll drop the Irithyll Straight Sword. Open the door and light the bonfire.

Roadway of Sacrifices

The Road of Sacrifices is a much shorter area with a brand-new foe to challenge, the Corvian. These beasts will certainly climb up when you get cshed and try to slash at you.

After you acquire approximately the first corner drop down to the left to grab the Shriving Stone. Watch out for the Corvian close to right here.

There’s not much approximately this peak location. So drop down to the left and also pick up the Brigand also Axe. Up ahead is a Shaman that have the right to contact Corvians to assist her. Once you’ve killed her she’ll drop the Butcher Knife.

Continue forward to uncover the finish collection of Brigand also Armor. Dvery own the finish of this path is the Brigand Twindaggers.

Head earlier under the bridge and then around and also over it. On the other side is a Titanite Shard. Head back to the various other bridge and also drop down on the right hand also side. Pic presented listed below.

Run roughly under the bridge right into a small cave. Inside is the Braille Divine Tome of Carim and Morne’s Ring. These are crucial items for Faith based characters. The Tome permits you to buy even more effective miracles and the Morne’s Ring will certainly increase your Faith.

Continue up the course. Pick up the Ember and go through the big arch to the bonfire for this area. At the bonfire to the left are 2 NPCs you have the right to talk to. There’s Anri of Astora and also Horace the Hushed. You’ll acquire the Blue Sentinels Insignia.

Crucifixion Woods

Continue alengthy to the Crucifixion Woods. This is a huge open up area that’s very basic to get lost in. If you favor to take a systematic technique and make sure you don’t miss any kind of items begin by hugging the left side of the woods on the land, come back around with the swamp in the facility and then back out into the woods on the best hand side. This should permit you to cover every one of the area.

Drop dvery own the ledges and also hug the left side by the cliff confront. Pick up the Titanite Shards as you go. Once you reach the finish zig zag right into the middle of the woods, picking up an additional Titanite Shard and a Twin Dragon Greatshield.

From the Greatshield head left from the method you are encountering (or best from the entrance to the woods), to pick up the Fading Soul.

Head earlier roughly the tiny hill and dvery own a lengthy path. Drop down the end for an Estus Shard. Continue to the fire and also grab the Ember then continue appropriate to the Soul of an Unknown Traveler by a tree.

Run alengthy the course to the bonfire and also light it. This is one run of the woods. Now we’re going to head ago with the water in the center.

Drop into the water and follow it approximately to the left. Go with the little tunnel in the building.

This is a dead end however it does contain the collection of Sorcerer Armor and also the Sage Ring. Head out of the tunnel now and go right ahead with the center of the swamp.

There’s not a lot in the swamp however behind a tree you’ll uncover the Grass Cremainder Shield. At the finish of the swamp is the full collection of Conjurator Armor and the Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome which lets you buy much better Pyromancies. From right here move to the right to find the Eco-friendly Blossom.

Now we’ll be doing a 3rd run of the swamp. Remember we started on the land on the left hand side? Now we’ll be experimenting the land also on the best hand side. There’s not a lot right here except this building.

There’s a door to the best through a Crystal Lizard however you won’t be able to gain in tright here simply yet. Head to the left and also grab the complete set of Sellsword Armor. Drop dvery own. Continue to the best and also pick up the Farron Coal. Underneath where you dropped down is a small alcove with the Sellsword Twinblades.

Head up the stairs and also go best back out right into the woods. While you’re out in the woods you may accomplish a Giant Crab!

These Giant Crabs will spit mucus at you that slows you dvery own. Try to obtain behind them and also aim for their legs or strike at their challenge after they execute a dual strike through their pincers. Once they gain also damaged they will certainly burrow amethod for a time.

Continue alengthy to the appropriate until you find the land aget and also proceed alengthy this area. It’s here that you will certainly fight 2 Babsence knights. After you kill them they’ll drop their tools, a Great Club and Exile Greatsword.

Head up the stairs into the structure and also grab the Homeward Bones. Drop dvery own the ladder to the bonfire below.

Head out of the structure alengthy the swamp and also pick up the complete collection of Fallen Knight Armor. Towards the wall is the Large Soul of an Unwell-known Traveler.

Now go ago to the Crucifixion Woods Bonfire and also head earlier in the direction of the structure behind you.

There’s a little hole in the side that you can enter. In the edge of the room is the Heretic’s Staff. Head up the stairs and also go forwards until you concerned a crossroads leading in 4 directions.

First follow the route to the right. You’ll come across a Crystal Lizard. Take it out and proceed forwards. Once you pertained to the finish of the structure go up the stairs all the method to the peak. Go out to the balcony and also drop off the right side. On the various other side of this platdevelop you’ll find the Ring of Sacrifice.

Go back up the stairs and this time go out right into the woods. Follow the course left and you’ll discover the Golden Falcon Shield.

Go earlier right into the structure to the four-means crossroads. This time continue forwards and also up the stairs. You’ll concerned a room through Orbeck of Vinheim near some parchments.

If you have an Intelligence of at least 10 he will agree to teach you Sorceries. If you agree he’ll be teleported back to the Firelink Shrine.

Head dvery own the tiny stairsituation in this room to pick up two Blue Bug Pellets. Drop down to the room listed below and also head out the course that leads to the huge boss.

Crystal Sage Boss Fight

The Crystal Sage is able to cast magical spells such as the Homing Crystal or the Crystal Hail. Try to obtain up cshed to him and assault. If you deal him to a lot damage he might disshow up and also reappear elsewhere in the courtyard.

Once the Crystal Sage gets down to about fifty percent health he’ll begin summoning copies of himself. You deserve to tell which is the actual Crystal Sage by the shade of his crystal strikes. The real Sage has actually a purple aura and also the others have actually blue. You deserve to destroy the duplicates through a solitary strike. Throwing daggers seem to job-related well.

Once the copies have been killed acquire in cshed and assault the Crystal Sage until he dies and offers you the Soul of a Crystal Sage.

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This completes the walkwith of the Roadway of Sacrifices. Continue to the Cathedral of the Deep.