- 1 quest Point.- 7175 Fishing XP.- Oyster Pearls.- accessibility to the Fishing Platform.

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Start Point

East that Ardougne top top the coastline.

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Skill: 30 Firemaking.Item: Tinderbox, Woodcutting Axe, 1 Swamp Paste.


Skill: 51 Magic.Item: Lumbridge and also Ardougne Teleport Runes.

Something strange is happening on the fishing platform. Missing fishermen and also the visibility of dozens of strange sea creatures gives reason for concern. Inspection the platform and also discover the truth prior to it"s as well late.

Step 1Talk come Caroline.Fix the boat.Get to the Platform.

Items needed: Swamp Paste.Note: make the paste from mixing swamp tar (in Lumbridge swamp) with flour and using it on a fire. Girlfriend can likewise go to harbor Khazard and also buy Swamp paste and also a pot the flour from the general Store.Talk to Caroline and she will tell you that she is worried around her husband and son. They have actually not written back from the fishing platform, and also neither have any kind of of the various other fisherman. She asks girlfriend to assist her.Caroline speak you to talk to Holgart, he deserve to take you come the fishing platform. Holgart says his watercraft needs fixing and also to solve it he requirements swamp paste, and also he asks you to acquire it. Provide some to Holgart and also he will take you to the fishing communication (Picture).When you come at the fishing platform walk west till you come to a house, open the door and also talk to Bailey who is within (Picture). Bailey tells you the a man called Kent walk for aid days earlier and the his child is hiding upstairs.

Step 2Find Kennith.Find Kent.Rescue Kennith.Return to Caroline.

Items needed: Tinderbox.

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Go come the North-East corner of the platform and you will discover a ladder, climb up it. Then walk west till you discover a house. Inside Kennith is hiding behind part crates, to speak to the right click on him and also click, "talk to" (Picture). Kennith states he won"t move until you discover his dad.Walk ago to Holgart and also talk come him. Once you have actually talked to him girlfriend will find yourself on one island v a wrecked rowing boat and also Kent (Picture). Talk to Kent and also he will certainly tell you all the happened. He won"t move until you have rescued his son, so go back to the platform.Walk come the North-east corner and shot to climb the ladder, but the fisherman pushes you earlier down. Go speak to Bailey, and he will certainly tell you the weak of the Sea Slugs. He gives you a torch yet you cannot irradiate it v a tinderbox alone. Instead pick increase the broken glass from within Bailey"s house and also then walk to the North-east edge of the platform again. Here pick up some damp sticks. Usage the damaged glass ~ above the wet sticks to achieve Dry sticks. "Rub" the pole together and also the torch should light.Now the you have a torch you have the right to climb the ladder. Talk to Kennith, then kick the loosened panels on the external of the building he is in (Picture). Speak to Kennith again, then walk end to the crane and click rotate. Return to Holgart and go ago to the mainland. Speak to Caroline to insurance claim your reward.