Complete searching the Firehawk10Sanctuary (Lilith)1157 XP, $139, SMG or Shield

It appears that Lilith’s time as the Firehawk may have actually accidentally began a cult dedicated to her. She wants you to speak to your leader, Incinerator Clayton, to check out if they are doing anything suspicious. Prior to going, make sure you have a fire weapon, together you will needed it. Head come Frostburn Canyon and also speak to Clayton, who wants you come burn several of the pendant alive and collect your ashes.

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Hopefully you brought along a fire weapon, as you won’t be able to do this mission without one. All you have to do is go about the areas and kill five opponents with a fire weapon, then collection their ashes. The only problem that arises is that the nomad Pyros room immune come incendiary damage, so girlfriend will have to just kill them normally and concentrate top top the others. As soon as you collect five ashes, bring them ago to Clayton to finish.

Cult Following: False Idols¶

Complete Cult Following: Eternal Flame10Frostburn Canyon (Incinerator Clayton)1736 XP, $69, assault Rifle or Shield

Some of the followers have actually been worshipping a various “deity” well-known as Scorch and also Clayton desires you to death it, in addition to any heathens the follow it. Head to the waypoint to find out that Scorch is a gigantic fire Spiderant. Not just does this thing execute the regular fire shockwave and fireball thing, but it can also spawn the common Fire Spiderants girlfriend may have encountered. Keep relocating to try and prevent the shockwave and also once you’ve eliminated it, go back to Clayton to finish.

Cult Following: light the Match¶

Complete Cult Following: False Idols10Frostburn Canyon (Incinerator Clayton)1157 XP, $69, Sniper Rifle

Clayton wants you to take a mass-murdering midget named Matchstick come the place where you fought Captain Flynt, location him in the dragon’s mouth and then burn him alive. Open the outhouse and then seize Matchstick, then go all the method back to the arena wherein you dealt with Flynt (who will be there again, albeit much easier due to being an ext powerful).

Once every little thing is clear, location Matchstick at the marker, then pull the lever to perform what he wanted. Now is the fun part, as you simply need to go earlier to rotate in the mission to Clayton. Friend should be able to drop off the freighter wherein you check out ground listed below on the map, climate backtrack to Liar’s Berg and also use the fast travel terminal to Frostburn Canyon. Speak to Clayton to receive your rewards.

Cult Following: The Enkindling¶

Complete Cult Following: bright the Match10Frostburn Canyon (Incinerator Clayton)1736 XP, flame of the Firehawk (Legendary Shield)

It’s time for one last mission here, where Clayton desires you come light 3 fire effigies approximately the area. Friend will require a fire weapon for this part, together you have to shoot the effigies in order to ignite them. The capture is that relying on the weapon form you’re using, you really don’t should travel all the method to every one.

In fact, using a sniper rifle or anything similar with long-range bullets (probably anything as well as a shotgun), girlfriend should have the ability to just obtain the effigy in her sight and also shoot the from there. As soon as you light every three, head come the Enkindling (go together if you’re going come Firehawk’s Lair), whereby Clayton will certainly attempt come sacrifice one innocent.


Something prefer a sniper rifle provides it incredibly easy come hit the effigies there is no needing to obtain too close to them.

This renders Lilith fall by to rescue the civilian, when she provides you the job of killing all of the cult members. All of them room melee enemies, so girlfriend don’t need to worry around ranged attacks, unless among the Psychos decides come stay ago and toss axes at you. Clayton self isn’t really hard at all and also you might be able to kill that quickly prior to he gets a opportunity to carry out anything. Once you’re finished through them all, return to Sanctuary and also talk come Lilith to acquire your brand-new shield, a legendary one called Flame that the Firehawk .

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