We’ve been playing Smashy Road: Wanted like crazy in the past pair of days and we lastly learned that legendary, epic and rare cars room the one that you require in the game – and they’re extremely complicated to get.

So we’ve determined to share v you some extra Smashy Road: wanted cheats and tips on just how to unlock legendary cars, as well as epic and also rare ones in the game. A lot much faster than girlfriend would generally do!

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Don’t forget to inspect out our share Smashy roadway Wanted tips and also tricks, then relocate on to see exactly how to obtain legendary cars quickly:

1. The “patient one” methodYou have the right to only get brand-new cars – common to legendary – by rolling and also rerolling until you obtain lucky.


However, if you just started play or you haven’t gone too far in the game, there’s a method for friend to obtain to roll multiple times, if you have a the majority of time on her hands: roll and also see if you get lucky, then uninstall the game, install again and use your complimentary roll. Carry out this till you gain the desired card – or if you are in a hurry, try our other approaches below.

2. Collection the cashWhile playing, you will certainly collect part money throughout the race. That’s a really slow means of getting the cash required for the rolls, but it will gain you there eventually. If you space lucky enough to unlock the Money guy Truck as your legendary, make certain to usage it as it provides you 5 times an ext cash in the races

You also get a possibility to clock videos after ~ you dice in the game: when every 4-5 deaths, you are prompted to watch an ad and friend should constantly do this as you acquire a minimum of 20 complimentary coins because that that.

You deserve to simply go on a “death roll” on objective to rate this up, however eventually the game will operation out of ads to display you. Still, you will certainly make at least 200 cash per day making use of this method.


3. The moment Lapse cheatYou get one cost-free gift every 5 hours, which is composed in a free roll. Girlfriend can easily cheat the timers by walking to her phone’s settings and setting the time forward by 5 hours, getting back into the game, collecting the gift and repeating the process.

Do this number of times (or as lot as you want to) yet have in mental that when you revert come the really time, girlfriend will need to wait for every the hours you’ve skipped until you obtain a cost-free roll.

But that doesn’t issue much if you controlled to to fill up ~ above Legendaries and also Epic cars and you can play the game with every the boosts that lock bring.

So these would certainly be our 3 tips and cheats to gaining all the dare in Smashy Road: Wanted. Hope you deserve to put them to good use!

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Uh I acquired a legendary vehicle (F1) my first roll and also a rare vehicle on mine second(Swagmaster or something)…does the really never happen?

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Today as soon as I played, at 7:00, i rolled the Beast, and later on in the day, ns rolled the F1 and also then the Money man….so ns pretty much rolled 3 legends in one day…is that considered good?

I always get the same legendary car. The rocket launcher. I had actually picked this same auto maybe 5-6 time already…. Is the on purpose to press me buying various other cars?