This is super fun and I know my son is going to LOVE it. In select best buy stores on Saturday, February 29, from 11 a.m.–2 p.m you can trade Pokémon cards and enjoy other fun activities. Card trading is intended for participants under 16. Even more fun while supplies last, participants will receive a booster pack that consists of a three-card mini pack, activity sheet, Pokémon coin and guide.

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I really don’t know when it started that I begin to LOVE freebies… I think it started in college when I signed up for a few freebies by mail and got offered to taste test cookies! That’s right, 5 giant cookies arrived at my college dorm room – FREE. All I had to do is eat them and write my opinions about them. I was hooked! Since then I have been on the hunt for all kinds for freebies! Free samples that come in the mail, free gift cards, easy ” free ” cash, you name it. I am basically a freebie expert at this point. lol! So I decided to start my own my blog, and teach others how they too can get TONS of free things. I am talking about More FREEBIES then you ever thought possible. So, if you are reading this, welcome to the ” Freebie Squad !” !

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