Am i right, the the sea emperor leviathan juveniles drop the enzyme 42 occasionally? i chased one of the juveniles for 4 in-game days and it didn"t fall a single item. How regularly do lock drop the enzyme? does it autumn down come the ground immediately or is that floating in the water?



After castle hatched, you find a sphere of enzyme 42 best inside the sea emperor aquarium inside the major containment facility. I additionally found part balls right outside the portal near the extraterrestrial tower, where the sea emperor babies left the containment facility.

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I"m not certain if lock drop more enzyme 42 after/besides that...


They commonly drop them within the primary Containment facility aquarium or right external the Quarantine reinforcement Platform

They float

you need to make the hatching compound to flower the eggs of the sea emperor climate the baby"s will certainly make it!


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