Eevee is an amazing Pokemon. This boring bit scamp have the right to evolve into many different monsters, relying on various components.

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Tbelow are no brand-new Eevee evolutions in Sun and also Moon, yet all brand-new ways to gain critters prefer Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon - plus, new areas to find the Thunder Stone, and whatnot, essential for the other Pokemon.

Here"s just how to acquire "em all.

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Eevee becomes Jolteon if this little critter levels up while holding a Thunder Stone. Concern is: wright here deserve to I obtain my mitts on one of those magical-sounding gems?

Luckily for you, tbelow are 3 means to gain one. A Thunder Stone is uncovered hiding behind the caravan at Route 8"s Fossil Restoration Center. And you can acquire more at the Poké Pelback, or in the shop in Konikoni City for 3000 credits.


Same as prior to, however this time via the Water Stone. And you deserve to uncover a freebie on Route 8, in the water southern of the tiny island also.

If you require more you"ll have to win mini games on the Poké Pelback or spfinish 3000 credits in Konikoni City.


One more straightforward eeveelution (view what we did there?) - just provide Eevee a Fire Stone and level that sucker up.

This hot rock can be uncovered in the north west corner of Diglett"s Tunnel - simply use Tauros to bust it out. Also, Fire Stones are discovered on Poké Pelearlier and also have the right to be bought in Konikoni City for 3000 credits.


To obtain Espeon, you have to provide Eevee a high happiness worth. Which is simpler said than done.

Catch Eevee in a Friend or Luxury Ball for a good begin, and then give it a Soothe Bell item, and level Eevee up, usage vitamins, teach it moves, and also feed it Hondew, Qualot, and also Tamato berries.

If you wanna cheat the mechanism, obtain two TMs that Eevee deserve to learn and also then teach it one TM. Then rearea that move with the other TM. And then rearea it with the initially TM. And so on for a few minutes. Each time you raise happiness.

To examine the Pleasure of your Pokémon, you need to visit the market in Konikoni City. A perboy tbelow will tell you Eevee"s Delight Value - if it"s over 220 and you then level up Eevee throughout the day, you"ll obtain Espeon.

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If you perform all the same as prior to however let Eevee level up throughout the night, you"ll get Umbreon instead.