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Call the Duty: black Ops 4 Zombies functions a brand-new Wonder Weapon called death of Orion. In this guide, we"ll tell you just how to obtain it on the IX map.

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How come Pack-a-Punch in IX

In order come get fatality of Orion, you an initial need to unlock IX"s Pack-a-Punch machine. Because that those who don"t know, gaining Pack-a-Punch entails solving a mini puzzle. It uses a 25 percent damages increase come weapons when used. In the spirit of Black Ops 4, the buff can be stacked up to four times. Here are the procedures to Pack-a-Punch in IX.

From spawn, head downstairs, past the treasure, through the gate and also get come the huge Fallen Hero frosting bust presented below. The secret Box is generally here, i beg your pardon will offer you some solid tools to start with.


Get some tools at the an enig Box before trying to obtain Pack-a-Punch.Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles
YouTubeIf you"ve played through IX at all, you"ll understand there are 4 named temples in the corners the the map. The Pack-a-Punch requires you to go to all 4 of lock in any type of order. We"re starting with the temple of Ra, which is come the right of the spawn area.

At the temple, organize the interact switch on the gong. A boss dubbed a Champion will certainly appear. The kind it takes will vary, yet the strategy is usually the exact same each time. Hard shooting and also Specialist weapons will complete them off.


You"ll have to hit a gong at each of the 4 temples to summon the Champions.Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles


YouTubeFrom the Ra Altar Room, pass with the gate to stone Bridge and to the Danu Altar Room. Communicate with the gong again, beat the boss and also get one more skull.

Next we"re walk to go under the map. This takes united state from the Danu-Ra holy place Entrance, to the fell down Tunnel, past the statue at Fallen Hero, through the Pit and also into Odin Tunnel. You"ll arrive at the Odin Altar Room, whereby you"ll see an additional gong. Interact with it, kill the boss and take the head.

From the Odin Altar Room, release the bridge to do your way to Zeus" Altar Room. Once again, interact with the gong, loss the boss and take the last head.

From the Altar Room, go below to Zeus Tower Entrance, down more into the Zeus Tower bathtub House and also to the Odin-Zeus holy place Entrance. Look at for any entrance to the Crypts that takes you come The Cursed Room, with Flooded Crypt and also up the stairs to the Temple. Any method you acquire to the temple is fine. Over there you"ll discover a large main altar. Ar the heads on the outer spikes and the Pack-a-Punch an equipment will lower.


Now the you"ve done Pack-a-Punch, the following step is to acquire the fatality of Orion Wonder Weapon. Let"s get to it.

After you acquire Pack-a-Punch you"ll trigger a bunch that explosions. Follow them native the holy place to the Danu-Ra holy place Entrance. Simply past a collection of stair you"ll watch a tiny grate v a flaming pot behind it. Shooting the pot.


YouTubeGo earlier up come the bridge close to the Danu Altar Room. There you"ll watch a flaming arrow pointing come a holy place with a statue head you have to grab. Since there are 4 temples, there room four possible spawns because that the head.

YouTubeRa: In the basement referred to as the Ra Tower funeral Chamber. It"s behind a flaming bowl in the corner.

This is the spawn location for the frostbite head if the goes come the Ra Temple.Treyarch/Activision/4ElementGaming
YouTubeDanu: also on the bottom floor in the water.

Zeus: In the basement bathtub area. It"s in a edge under some curtains.

Odin: next to the huge pot.

Next you require to develop an acid Trap with three pieces. Two of lock are discovered at Pack-a-Punch, and also the other is a big cauldron in the facility of the difficulty Podium.

Build the catch at a skull near any of the god Tower entrances, and also place the frosting head ~ above the metal grate ~ above the floor below you. Activate the trap, and the acid will certainly leak through the vent, transforming the head into a Scorpion pipe.

YouTubeGo the central Arena and also take on some zombies while keeping your favor with the crowd together high as possible. In other words, don"t gain hit and also kill several them. Ultimately a booming voice will certainly say "you"ve earned a gift from Serket." take the small gold pot off the ground.

From the Arena, walk to Danu Tower Entrance and work your means downstairs come the Danu Tower Arboretum. In this room, discover a tree with a tiny hole in it that looks choose this. Cut it with your knife. As soon as you do, your Scorpion pipeline will immediately insert. Drop the yellow pot listed below that point out to fill it through poison.

YouTubeIt takes one round because that the pot to fill, so just go ago out to the Arena to slay some poor guys. After the ring is done, go back, seize the pot and also proceed to the nearest secret Box, like the one near the please Hero statue. At the box you"ll be motivated to toxicity it. Do so, activate the box and you"ll obtain the fatality of Orion.

YouTubeThat"s every you should do to gain this Wonder Weapon. Reap messing roughly with it. Also, if you"re still in search of the Brazen Bull Shield, we have actually a guide for that too.

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Call that Duty: black color Ops 4 is easily accessible now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Were girlfriend able come unlock Pack-a-Punch and also get the death of Orion? Tell united state in the comments section!