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Prayer is easily one that the most important skills in the game.

It provides a range of beneficial effects, consisting of the coveted overhead security prayers.

And in OSRS, prayer is major trained with bones. As a result, the price of skeletal is exceptionally high.

This is due to the popularity and also importance of the ability in PvM.

Without prayer, numerous of the OSRS bosses and also quests would certainly not it is in possible! so let’s take a look in ~ the most renowned ways of cultivate prayer to gain you leveling up a little bit faster.

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5. Power Burying (F2P)


Starting off our list is the finest F2P technique of getting your prayer up: strength burying.

As a non-member you’re regrettably locked to bones and large bones.

Both carry out rather small amounts of experience.

So the best method to obtain your prayer up quickly in F2P is to buy a ton of big Bones turn off of the grand Exchange, stand next to a bank, and also fill her inventory – v the goal of strength burying every single bone.

This an approach is really click intensive and also low experience.

Prayer training is brutal in F2P, but if you desire to make secure gains this is the just way.

To save a bit of money girlfriend could always slay your very own Hill Giants and also collect the bones you yourself – however this will take lot longer.

4. Bonecrusher


The Bonecrusher is a an excellent utility article which you deserve to unlock after perfect the Morytania tough Diary.

This is an item you can carry in your inventory that’ll immediately bury any type of bones dropped by enemies, and provide half the regular prayer experience you’d usually get.

But this item really starts to shine when you finish the Morytania upstream Diary.

Then it’ll administer the full experience you would generally get!

So the best way to make use of this article is by simply having it ~ above your human being whenever she training slayer or casual PvM. This works particularly well it’s in the Catacombs the Kourend – since when you bury bones, prayer is restored, adding this passive effect throughout combat is an extremely useful.

To fee this item you must use ecto-tokens on it, obtainable native the Ectofuntus.

3. Ensouled Heads


Ensouled heads are a fairly brand-new update to the prayer skill, and also a welcome one at that!

Various monsters will certainly on chance drop one ensouled head, such together Elves, greater Demons, and Dragons.

These heads can be required to the Dark Altar top top Zeah, near where the thick Essence mines are, and also used to summon a lot weaker version of the monster the head represents.

Defeating it will certainly yield part decent prayer experience.

These top come through some pros and also cons.

On the add to side, this is a middle ground in affordability, together ensouled heads space cheaper come afford than classic bone training methods.

On the defect side, the heads can only be supplied by the Dark Altar, room slower than traditional bone methods, and also require combat.

Ultimately, the a issue of just how much you want to spend. If your budget plan is tight then ensouled heads are most likely the best an option for you.

2. Ectofuntus


The Ectofuntus gives the most prayer experience if we measure experience per bone.

But the an approach is seldom offered now, as it’s fairly tedious and also time consuming.

The only human being using this an approach to grind prayer room those who have very tight budgets, and those gaining ecto-tockens.

It’s also locked behind the Ghost Ahoy quest.

The Ectofuntus grants about four times the suffer you would certainly normally gain from burying a bone, make this a an extremely high suffer method.

If you execute want to walk this path then I would certainly recommend obtaining level 58 agility to use the faster way within, making usage of the Ectophial for fast teleports, and having a one-click teleport to obtain to a bank to resupply after every trip.

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1. Gilded Altar/Chaos Altar


The Gilded and Chaos altars are the many used and best methods to get to level 99 prayer in no time at all.

Gilded altars are uncovered in people’s player own houses. They need level 75 building to make.

However, girlfriend can always make usage of one more player’s gilded altar if friend don’t own one.

With both burners lit, the gilded altar offers a whopping 350% bonus in experience per bone, placing it just below the Ectofuntus in experience.

However, this altars room much an ext accessible and AFK 보다 the Ectofuntus.

The Chaos Altar functions in the precise same means as a gilded altar – however has a 50% opportunity to not usage a bone.

This technique is risker and slower, as the chaos altar is in the wilderness and not through a financial institution – make trips contempt more daunting than using a gilded altar.

But the comes with the benefit of saving much more bones and getting more experience long-term.

So what have to you do?

I introduce the Gilded altar to those through money to burn and hardcore ironmen who should not go into the wilderness.