What come cliffhanger and what not come cliffhanger? that was the question facing How to acquire Away with Murder showrunner Pete Nowalk as he approached the Season 1 finale of his twisty, twisted an enig (airing this evening at 9/8c top top ABC).

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“I expect it’s not torturing the audience as lot as it is maintaining them questioning,” he explains of the course he ultimately took. “We knew native the beginning we really necessary to present what taken place to Lila. We saw how Sam acquired murdered, and now we essential to view the original murder. However there was a most debate and me an altering my mind and also banging my head against the workdesk on just how to finish that storyline.”

To that end, Nowalk states he encouraged director bill D’Elia come shoot two versions of the finishing —just to offer him some options.

What might some the those options entail? tastecraftedmcd.com recorded up with Nowalk to try to pump him for intel around mysterious Rudy (and his enigmatic utterance the “wet”), Nate’s fate and the feasible surprise lurking in Wes’ bathroom.

We recognize we’ll find out who killed Lila, but can we suppose that any type of of the murderous characters will be carried to justice? Or is “justice” other you’re saving for Season 2?<Long pause> that is the concern for these personalities in the finale: Is over there justice? to be they justification in law what castle did to Sam? and also that weighs specifically heavily ~ above Wes. The arc the the season —what Annalise has been trying to instill in she students — is the the justice system is not black and white. It’s no pure. Justice, in the means I think around it, well, it’s not so straightforward for Annalise. And I don’t think it’s walking to it is in so an easy for the students, either.

ABC’s official summary for the finale notes that the Keating 4 “may have actually dug themselves also deep a hole” for Annalise to save them. And also we recognize Michaela’sring, Connor’s car, the police officer that saw them on murder night, also Rebecca’s speak to to Nate could lug their home of cards tumbling down.How dicey will things get for castle — offered that Nate being framed seemingly obtained them turn off the hook again.They’re absolutely feeling the danger of getting caught in the finale. It’s composed as 2 episodes, they’re just airing them earlier to back. And also so it’s simply a issue of which part of the present where they’re walk to feel the heat. It’s certainly going to reason them come panic.

Last week’s episode finished with Wes and Laurel detect Rudy — the mysterious former occupant that Wes’ apartment — and also all he controlled to carry out was utter words “Wet” when he observed Rebecca’s picture. Wes immediate jumped come the conclusion he need to be talking around the water tower, yet that seemed like a hugeassumption. Could Wes be off the mark completely?You should be thinking about it the same method you grammar your question. Wes jumping come the water tank is a really huge leap. That is walking to have to number out if he’s right —and so room the various other students.

Will we hear an ext from Rudy in the finale? Or has actually he claimed all he’s going come say?We will hear more from Rudy — and also we’ll acquire to know him in his pre-breakdown state. For this reason we’ll view him in flashback.

Neither the the killing victims to be scratched up — and yet the show proceeds to present us the nippers marks in Rudy’s old apartment and over his bed in the psychiatric hospital. Are those claw marks going to be part of a Season 2 an enig —or do they tie in straight to solving the Lila mystery?That will play straight into our an enig this season.

The finale promos keep teasing that the final minutes the the episode need to be seen to be thought —paired with a visual of Annalise beginning Wes’ bathroom. What can you tease around that?I would certainly say don’t check out too much right into the previews. The audience knows already that our promo human being do such a great job, yet sometimes it’s not specifically what you think is happening. I love that world are looking in ~ the promo for ideas —but i don’t desire to expose anything that’s actually going to happen. <Laughs>

Could another person be dead by the finish of the finale?I want to take it the 5th on the too, if that’s OK?

Did you regulate to shock your actors with your final twists?What was fun is we had written a bunch of various endings and also versions of the endings. Some of the actors had not read the many recent variation of the script, so at the table read, yeah, there were part gasps and some “holy poor word.” <Laughs> it was fun to check out their jaws struggle the floor.

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Annalise knows Nate did not kill Sam —and she conversation through Michaela critical week comprise she had actually the situation handled. We also saw her slip that a call number for a new attorney. Is she three actions ahead in terms of clearing the (even though she’s the one who set him up? Or can Nate yes, really go down for this crime?It’s definitely possible, and also when Annalise chose to framework Nate because that the murder, she was taking a genuine risk. As much as she’s knows exactly how to number things out, she’s paris by the seat of she pants and also hoping points will go her way. That involves a lot of work, strategy and prayer —or everything her variation of a prayer is —to have both the students and also her acquire away through this, and likewise to assist Nate. It’s an extremely complicated. And there’s a the majority of work she requirements to do to make that happen.

Are friend excited for tonight’s HTGAWM finale? any kind of theories ~ above who killed Lila or how the various mysteries might end? Sound turn off in the comments!