elevating farm animals is an important part of life in Stardew Valley. In enhancement to cultivation seasonal crops to do money, you'll most likely sell pet products. There space several different animals easily accessible in the game, as well as even an ext items that they produce. Among these animals is the duck, which will produce duck eggs and feathers.

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In this guide, we space going to go over every little thing you should know about duck feathers, including just how to gain them and also what you deserve to do through them. Although castle come indigenous ducks, they space not as typical as eggs, for this reason it deserve to be a little confusing if you room trying to gain a feather for the first time.

player stand in coop v ducks and chickens
Ducks space a coop pet that unlock ~ you have a Big Coop. This is the 2nd coop upgrade, an interpretation that friend will need to have actually the an easy coop already built. Below, you deserve to see the required materials to do both of this coops.

Coop kind Materials Needed price To build
Coop 300 hardwood 100 Stone 4,000g
Big Coop 400 timber 150 Stone 10,000g

If friend don't have actually a coop yet, this will require a most materials. Fortunately, girlfriend can examine out our travel guide on exactly how to farm yard both wood and stone.

With the large Coop built, you can head over to Marnie's Ranch and buy a duck for 1,200g. Your brand-new duck will certainly live in your coop, and take about five days come mature into an adult.

If you currently have a duck, you can incubate their egg to produce one more duck. Incubators are included in both the huge and luxurious Coops and will take roughly six job to hatch a duck.

duck friendship panel
Every day, you will have a chance to increase her friendship through your duck. The easiest way to perform this is through petting them; communicating with the duck again ~ petting castle will display a food selection with the current friendship level. Each of these friendship hearts represents 200 friendship points, with a full of 1,000 possible points.

Ducks have a higher chance to create duck feather with much more friendship points. Additionally, together the friendship clues increase, the feathers will certainly become higher quality and you deserve to sell castle for an ext money. Below, girlfriend can check out some means to increase and also maintain her friendship points.

Feed her Duck Daily Allow Them to Graze Outside Pet them Daily Don't leaving Them exterior Overnight

Overall, you should increase her friendship through a duck for them to produce feathers. If a duck feather is produced, it will certainly replace the egg that they place every two days.

It's important to store in mental that luck will certainly not affect the opportunity of duck feather appearing.

Traveling Merchant

player standing alongside traveling cart with vendor inside
Duck feather can likewise be purchased from the traveling Merchant. This is a seller who will show up in the top part of the Cindersap woodland on Fridays and Sundays.

This merchant has a wide variety of rotating items for sale. As soon as you visit the traveling Merchant, they will have actually a opportunity to offer one duck feather anywhere in between 375g and 1,000g. This is a lot, however if girlfriend have sufficient money, climate this is a good way to get one quickly.

Stardew valley Sewing Machine
Now that you have actually your duck feather, let's walk over what to do with it. Below, we've noted the marketing prices for duck feathers based upon quality and also your chosen profession.

high quality Price Price v Rancher job
Normal 250g 300g
Silver 312g 374g
Gold 375g 450g
Iridium 500g 600g

As this table shows, duck feathers can sell for a lot. With numerous ducks on her farm, you deserve to make a many money by selling their feathers.

Duck feathers space not provided in the make of any type of recipes, however you will should donate one because that the Dye Bundle ~ above the Bulletin plank of the ar Center. This bundle features vibrant items that deserve to be provided as a dye, and completing it will certainly reward you through a seeds maker.

From the sewing device located in Emily and Haley's house, friend can additionally make apparel with a duck feather. By combine the feather and also a piece of wool in the machine, girlfriend will develop the Lime green Striped Shirt.

Gifting Duck Feathers

Duck feathers do an it s okay gift; Elliot and Leo love to get them, when Harvey likes them. Every other villager is either neutral or no the feather though.

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Overall, duck feathers space an easy way to rise your friendship with Elliot, Leo, and also Harvey.

That's all there is come know about duck feathers. Be sure to pet her ducks every day and also make certain that lock have sufficient food. If you want even much more ducks, girlfriend can likewise build a second huge Coop!

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