I have actually a Verizon Galaxy note 10+ and also after the latest upgrade my 1x business we have been obtaining at the house for the last year is now showing 4g LTE Roaming. Out of curiosity ns took my wife's old S9+ out the drawer and also prior come completing any kind of updates that was showing 1x. I then completed the upgrade it was announcing and it also is now 4g LTE Roaming.

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Is this Verizon shutting under its 1x? we live south of Olympia WA.

Side note my wife now has actually an iphone phone 11 Max and also is has actually not gotten any kind of updates recently and still stuck on 1x.


It sounds like during the update process Verizon included a function code to your line referred to as "CDMA-Less", which enables for LTE roaming rather of 1x, but also disables access to Verizon's CDMA network. If you desire your wife's iphone phone to additionally get LTE roaming it might be necessary to contact into the billing department and have them add the CDMA-Less function to she line.

Is it most likely the iphone will automatically get this in a future update choose Android or will certainly we need to request it?

update invested an hour working with a Verizon rep that tells me CDMAless is not obtainable for iphone phone 11 pro Max. They claimed there is nothing they can do and also are informing me I need to buy a brand-new phone. Pretty sad a $1300 phone call can’t do calls yet multiple android devices have no issues.

I guess the is time to move on to one more carrier.

It sounds choose you may have had actually a miss-informed rep together CDMA-Less deserve to be used to any type of VoLTE compatible phone. Every iphone phone from the 6/6 add to to present is VoLTE compatible.

Had the exact difficulty with mine brand brand-new Galaxy S21. My S10+ make calls fine in my town on 1x. V the S21, over there is no company at all. None. Verizon is going come piss off lots of folks roughly here uneven they obtain 4G or 5G right here quickly. In the average time I'm relocating to AT&T.

Yes, Verizon will be shutting under all CDMA networks: 1x, EVDO and 3g in ~ the end of 2021. They have been pushing this ago each year for nearly 4 years.

Time to walk CDMA-Less and get a device that support VoLTE (Voice end LTE service) if you don’t have actually one. However, the the S9 and also S10 assistance VoLTE therefore no problems for you.

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