For anyone who lived throughout the pinnacle that VHS popularity, you know all also well the hazards of a device that consists of so many moving parts. Probably you were acquiring ready because that an old fashioned family movie night, or girlfriend were around to partake in part analog Netflix and chill, VCRs to be a proverbial ticking time bomb.

They operated most of the time, yet when they little bit the bucket, they little it large time.Sometimes, in the center of a movie viewing session, you’d start hearing the dreaded sounds--a whirr, a pop, a buzz, and also a blood-curdling screech. The TV display screen would flicker, gasp because that life, and ultimately settle on Poltergeist eye while the VCR went up in a puff the smoke.


The VCR to be hungry. It ate your tape.

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The bad news is that, like Humpty Dumpty, yes no placing an consumed tape back together again. Even worse, the VCR’s insatiable appetite normally led the own death as well. No one won. Everyone was sad. Movie night was ruined.

But what actually happened to your unsuspecting Jerry Maguire VHS as soon as your VCR’s tummy determined to go out for a midnight snack? let’s pop earlier the hood the a usual VCR and see.

Lurking inside each VCR is a cavalcade of turning drums, winding mechanisms, and also flashing lights. Put together, each of these materials makes the an equipment work. However they likewise offer plenty of opportunities to snag, tear, or otherwise mangle your tape. If you desire to get a visual peek of what the within of a VCR look at like, this post has some great pictures the the whirrlymagoos inside. We’ll use it as a basic to talk around the three main culprits of ice cream chowing.

Snag spot #1: The head.

On every VHS tape, a floppy item of plastic covers the film. This plastic is helpful due to the fact that it protects the film during storage, but when the in the VCR, it’s spanning the tape the has every one of the important content on it. As soon as you push your VHS tape into the VCR, a system lifts earlier the film protector so that the VCR deserve to read the film underneath. This is step among potential breakage. Plastic isn’t constantly the hardiest of materials, and if it to be weakened from sunlight exposure or moisture, it could snap prefer twig, destroying your movie night v a merciless crack.

Snag clues #2: The rotary drums.

When VHS tapes are played back, the film passes through a labyrinth the drums and wheels. That’s since the film has to pass over a light in order for the movie to show on your TV. While necessary, this drums have actually the potential to it is in a significant issue for endangered film. One solitary rip, tear, or burr could send the wheels spinning celluloid to their doom. If you’ve ever before gotten a lengthy string wrapped roughly the inside of her vacuum cleaner, you know what this calamity looks like. An excellent luck skin out every one of the loose, torn, and also otherwise mangled movie from package of doom.

Snag spot #3: The spool winders.

The last significant snag points space the instrument that rotate the white gear-looking wheel on her VHS tape. Like the previous 2 snag spots, the wheels help the film progression through the VCR at a normal and also predictable pace. If these wheels obtain out of sync, the movie can get extra slack in that or come to be too taught, bring about catastrophe. In addition to time problems, the spools themselves on the VHS tape can get cracked or broken. Periodically the VCR no eat your tape. The tape eats itself.

When it comes to VCRs, yes sir a reason that DVD players replaced them. VCRs had actually so plenty of moving parts and also treacherous variables that it was a wonder they didn’t break much more often. Even the tapes themselves were self-saboteurs, randomly burning themselves to bits choose shooting stars.

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If you ever had the misfortune the sitting down to watch a film the was unceremoniously cut quick from your VCR eating your tape, currently you recognize why it happened.