You can use the Export file command to export your completed project as a high-quality file that have the right to be provided as the source media for the final stages of experienced post-production or broadcast and distribution. Friend may additionally consider this option when you desire to usage the media in an additional app, copy the media come an external storage machine for a client to review, or i announced the media to a website for which there space no preconfigured destination settings in Final Cut Pro. Your task is exported together a QuickTime movie.

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You can likewise use the Export record option to export one MXF file.

In Final Cut Pro, do among the following:

Do among the following:

Choose File > Share > Export record (or push Command-E).

Click the Share button in the toolbar, then click violin File.


In the Share home window that appears, do any of the following:


Move the guideline over the image to skim the video.

If you’re batch sharing (exporting many items), the picture is replaced by a list of the item you’re exporting.

At the bottom the the window, check out information about the file that will be exported, including frame size and also frame rate, audio channels and also sample rate, duration, output document type, and paper size.

For part destinations, friend can also view a list of tools that will certainly play the exported file. To watch the compatible devices, move the reminder over the Compatibility icon in the lower-right corner.

Click Next, select a place for the exported files, then click Save.

You deserve to monitor the progress of the transcode in the Background work window, and also you can continue to work-related in Final Cut Pro if the record is transcoded.

When transcoding is complete, a an alert appears. You have the right to view and locate mutual projects in the re-superstructure inspector. See view the condition of common items in Final Cut Pro.

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Note: If you added chapter markers to your project, chapter mite thumbnails are placed at the appropriate location once sharing come disc (DVD and also Blu-ray disc) and also MV4, QuickTime, and also MP4 styles (for playback making use of QuickTime Player and devices). See include chapter markers in Final Cut Pro.

See alsoIntro come Destinations choices in Final Cut Pro

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