Coi Leray braids are merely jumbo knotless braids with curly ends. The style has a signature middle part and have the right to have anywhere in between 6-16 braids v a couple of tendrils here and also there because that a tiny razzle-dazzle.

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They are motivated by Coi Leray herself an American rapper, singer, and also songwriter who started her career on Soundcloud ~ quitting her job.

Her music is quite popular but her signature hairstyle has been making its ring on society media and on youtube.

If you want to try Coi Leray Braids below is what you will need:

1. Rat tail comb2. Bright Jam (if you space using braiding hair)3. Braiding hair4. Perm rods

How To perform Coi Leray Braids through braiding hair

Start off with stretched clean organic hair and also start sectioning her hair native the back. You will require a rat tail comb and also shining jam to assist you to ar and component your hair neatly.

If you begin from the ago you deserve to separate the back into three large sections, wicker the shining throughout the top section of your herbal hair.

Start her braid through your actual hair an initial then include braiding hair as you go follow me the braid because that a knotless look.

You want the braid to be tool thick, so include enough braiding hair to produce that look.

Watch the videos below to view what us mean:

Another one:

And finally:

How to carry out Coi Leray Braids top top your very own hair

If you want to perform Coi Leray braids ~ above your own hair the process is similar to the above, yet skip the added hair and also you can likewise skip the light Jam together well.

As usual, start off on stretched clean deep conditioned hair and also separate her hair into 6-10 sections.

To every section add your favorite moisturizer, sealant, and also finally a gelatin or stop product prior to you start to braid.

Ensure to include moisture and gel to your ends and include a perm pole to help the hair store its shape.

Repeat for all sections and allow to air dried or you deserve to sit under a dryer.

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Watch Chime Edwards demonstrate below:

and clock Naturelle Tee demonstrate her process as well:

Need much more inspo? examine out the below pictures:

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