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There are different ways of law this. I"ll show some that the remedies then you"ll uncover the rest.Solution 1: The easiest way to divide the square right into 4 equal components is to draw three vertical lines or three horizontal lines forming four (4) same areas. This deserve to be displayed in the number below, where each part is shaded through a various color.


Solution 2: Another method of separating it is to draw one vertical and also one horizontal line intersecting at the middle part of the square. That is


Solution 4: you can likewise cut the square by a horizontal heat or a upright line, then cut each half into two equal triangles.
There space still other methods of separating a square right into 4 same parts. Uncover them and also share lock here... Comment below.

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Thank you for helping me v my homework however I need to do this pattern through out rotating it or flipping it. Have actually you acquired solution for 8 much more ? pls assist me

How carry out I gain permission to use the "HOW TO divide A SQUARE INTO four (4) equal PARTS" cards? Thanks!

Is over there a finite number of ways to separation the square into four equal parts? If over there is, can someone please tell me the number?

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