just how do ns duplicate keyframes right into the same object? I require this because that a cyclic animation. I push Shift+D and move the keyframes in the Dopesheet, yet the computer animation doesn"t proceed after the initial keyframes.

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Update : It seems that I"m not able come animate any kind of bone after structure 30. Is this a bug? I use tastecraftedmcd.com 2.78a

Update : This is my collection up :




To copy/paste keyframes you use the highlighted buttons below:


To solve the other worry You have to unpin the animation in the NLA editor as shown below and the animation will be over there after frame 30 normally



To Copy/Paste keyframes in the same object friend can easily go to the Dope Sheet ideal click to choose the action you desire (Shift+Right click) to choose more then one activity then you have the right to simply (Ctrl+C) to copy the keyframe then walk to the frame you desire to dough it and also (Ctrl+V).


These 3 frames make the name pop and also to copy it i significant all the actions i required by (A) to pick all or selecting by (Shift+Right click) each action and then just (Ctrl+C) to copy it.

!!!!!most crucial while copy/pate keep mouse on the dope sheet!!!!!!!

Later choose the framework you want to dough it on, and then simply (Ctrl+V) and also it will certainly be pasted choose that:


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