You will have a couple of alternatives when you are done increasing funds and you’d like to end your fundraiser; you deserve to either delete the fundraiser completely or turn incoming donations off. In this article, we’ll define each option.

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Delete your fundraiser

If girlfriend go v this option, posting a final update is a an excellent way come let your tastecraftedmcd.comers know that you"re closing it because that good. Please save the following in mind:

The fundraiser will certainly still show up on her dashboard as “Inactive" also when the is deleted, but it will not be publicly visible. However, you will certainly not it is in able to accessibility the fundraiser in ~ all as soon as it is deleted.Only an organizer have the right to delete a fundraiser v their account. If you are the beneficiary or team member for a fundraiser, please contact the organizer to delete it.Deleting her fundraiser will not instantly refund her donors. As long as your withdrawal information has been verified, deleting her fundraiser will certainly not have an result on her outgoing withdrawals.

Follow these actions to delete your fundraiser native within her account:

top top the “Your Fundraisers” page, click “Manage” top top the fundraiser you’d like to delete. Choose the “Edit and also Settings” switch next to your fundraiser title (on a mobile device simply pick “Edit” from the bottom menu). Click “Delete fundraiser” in ~ the very bottom of your screen. Form "delete" right into the form as confirmation, and also click “Delete fundraiser”. Once complete, a green banner will present at the top of the screen showing the fundraiser is deactivated.

Steps come delete a fundraiser presented above.

Turn donations off, but keep project active

This choice will enable you to rotate off just arrive donations, but keep the fundraiser clearly shows on Us strongly recommend this choice as it enables you to proceed posting updates, pipeline a document for future reference, and also helps accumulate others. Being able come look ago at a successful fundraiser reminds tastecraftedmcd.comers that the special component they play in make positive adjust happen.

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Follow these measures to revolve off donations from within your account:

On the “Your Fundraisers” page, click “Manage” on the fundraiser you’d like to revolve donations offChoose the “Edit and Settings” switch next to your fundraiser location (on a mobile device, simply choose edit indigenous the bottom menu).Uncheck “Allow donations to mine fundraiser” at the bottomSelect “Save”

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