My Samsung Galaxy has actually learned some wrong words that I’ve typed previously. They frequently pops up once I type a details alphabet combinations. How deserve to I remove the incorrectly learned words?

2 ways to remove learned words in Samsung Keyboard:

i. To remove a learned word1. Lengthy tap a learned indigenous in the (keyboard) predictive bar.2. ~ above the eliminate prompt, madness OK.

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ii. To remove all the learned words1. From her device’s Settings, madness Language and input.2. Madness Samsung keyboard.3. Insanity Reset settings.4. Clean personalized data.

Don’t desire to remove all native from mine Samsung Tab S2 tablet.Your answer in “I” works with short words, but “long” words/phrases memorized room not removed with the procedure, i.e., a memorize word/phrase together as”IamFromTheGreatStateOfNewJerseyUSAMerryChristmas”.

I don’t desire my phone come remember words i typed can u help??i have actually Samsung top top Nxt v marshmallow…

Sorry that ns don’t very own a Samsung ~ above Nxt come test things out for you. As much as i know, Samsung key-board learns the words you often type through the Predictive text feature. On part models, the key-board comes with the Personalized data option in the Samsung keyboard settings which girlfriend uncheck come disable the word learning.

The newest models are really likely to have actually the ‘Personalized data’ option taken out. In the case, you’ll simply need to turn off the Predictive text choice to disable the word learning.

I perform not view the choice of Samsung key-board or Reset settings under Language and Input. I have S6 with the stupid Nougat version. Exactly how do I remove those damned learned native in bulk?

I keep gaining rid of erroneously “learned words” yet they keep coming back, along with other words I would certainly never have actually used. Space learned words somehow comes from a database that everyone’s learned words? There’s so countless stupid words in there and also it drives me nuts that i can’t get rid of them because that good.

To clear all of the learned words from android machine keyboards the don’t sell it under key-board settings go to settings > basic > application manager > all > Samsung keyboard (or whichever key-board you are using on the device) > clean Data.This resets all the key-boards settings also so you will have to go back and change any you have actually customised again yet it’s a small price to pay to get rid of a million typos ?

To clear all of the learned words indigenous android an equipment keyboards the don’t offer it under key-board settings go to settings > basic > applications manager > all > Samsung keyboard (or whichever key-board you are using top top the device) > clean Data.This resets all the key-boards settings also so friend will have to go ago and change any you have actually customised again however it’s a small price to pay to get rid of a million typos ?

Go come SETTINGS and also then click basic MANAGEMENT then LANGUAGE and INPUT and then choose VIRTUAL key-board then SAMSUNG KEYBOARD and also then at the bottom girlfriend will check out RESET SETTINGS and also then click the second option clear PERSONALIZED DATA.Thank me later

Hi using the S7 Edge through updated Nougat:1) mine phone learns native such as “what t are” or even “I to be married now” and also no matter just how long i press and also hold on the phrases they can not be erased or unlearnt.2) the phone suggests words that are ridiculous and also accepts any type of word i form without correcting it, so “teacher” will come to be “teaschr” as soon as i am typing and this would be accepted with no convey offered.3) Is Samsung ever going to resolve these concerns as over there are countless complaints on miscellaneous fora but no solutions in sight.Thanks,Sharen

Ethan, thank you. The first method (long press) works on mine older Galaxy S6 but not on mine Tab S2. The second method works on mine S2. Therefore happy come not need to correct mine autocorrect corrections!

My keyboard varieties in the word ou r. This is intended to be our. As I am typing I need to go earlier an make sure to delete exactly this word. To erase this word girlfriend word generally just click and get rid the it. This error stays a blue-hilight indigenous on the field. That is not eligible to it is in eliminated. So ns tried to repeat the ou component of the word and the r part the word. Disaster! i really perform not wish to reset just how it looks as if I do not have actually a choice which is together a disappointment.

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On the Galaxy keep in mind 8 – to clear the learned data/words/phrases:– setups (gear on peak right hand edge of pull-down menu) – general management – Language and input – On-screen key-board (important step) – Samsung key-board – Reset to default setups – clean personalized data

Samsung Galazy keep in mind 8 cont’d

The above removes all learned words (e.g. “ou r”) and phrases – the keep in mind 8 starts discovering over.

To remove one – long tap/press that on the predictive toolbar/bar and click/press/tap ~ above “OK”

unfortunately samsung is not prepared to deal with the pest wherein learned unit volume or an ext than one word can be turned off by long press. Every learnt phrase and an ext than 1 word expression such as “we can” or the error phrase “ou r” cannot be erased from any of that is galaxy selection of phones except by resetting which many of us do not want to. SAMSUNG????



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