Here’s part info around charging her Surface and also what power supplies are easily accessible for Surface. 

For surface ar Studio power information, watch Troubleshoot power troubles with surface ar Studio models.

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Having problems charging your Surface, or various other battery connected issues? See surface ar Battery won’t charge or surface ar won’t operation on battery.

Connect your charger

To begin charging her Surface, affix the strength supply the came through your Surface to a power source such together a wall outlet, power strip, or rise protector.


You have the right to plug the charging connector into the charging harbor on your surface ar in one of two people direction. 

When the power supply is associated to your Surface, linked to a power source, and your surface ar is receiving power, the LED indicator top top the reminder of the strength supply"s charging connector will certainly be lit.

If the LED indicator  is not lit, you may have an issue with your strength supply. For much more info, watch What to do if your surface ar power it is provided or charger doesn"t work.

We strong recommend the you use only a genuine or power supply, one the either came with your surface or was purchased separately, to charge the battery. You have the right to purchase power supplies from the Store.

Important: Third-party compatibility

Some third-party accessories may be incompatible through your device or are possibly counterfeit, so we strongly recommend that you purchase and also use initial or tools or accessories only. Usage of not compatible or counterfeit accessories, batteries, and also charging devices could result in damages to your device and attitude a possible risk of fire, explosion, or battery failure resulting in serious injuries, or other serious hazards. Damages caused by use through products, no manufactured, licensed, or supplied by is not covered under the hardware warranty.

For gadgets using USB-C

For Surface devices that have actually a USB-C port, girlfriend can select to fee your an equipment using that. If you pick to do so, keep these points in mind:

If you affix a lower-voltage charger or a USB-A charger through a USB-A-to-USB-C cable, your device may charge slowly. Please connect a recommended charger instead.

If the battery is drained, and the charger you using provides 60 watt or more, your surface ar will instantly turn on when you plug it in. If you’re utilizing a charger the uses much less than 60 watts, your Surface should charge to 10% before it will rotate on.

You won"t be able to charge your surface with a Surface attach charger and also USB-C charger in ~ the exact same time. If both are connected, your surface will only charge native the Surface attach charger.

Surface Studio 2 has actually a USB-C port, but it doesn"t have a battery and doesn"t receive inbound power v USB-C. You must use the power cord that came with your surface Studio 2 because that power.

Frequently asked questions

How lot battery charge is left?

The battery status shows up in numerous places:

Lock screen: When you wake her Surface, the battery icon  appears in the lower-right corner of the lock screen.

Desktop taskbar: Battery status appears at the best side of the taskbar. Choose the battery icon  for info about the charging and also battery status, including the percent of power and also time remaining.

Your surface ar alerts you as soon as the battery is getting low. If you nothing recharge the battery once you get this alert, your surface will eventually save her work and also shut down.

While your surface ar is charging, the LED indicator on the reminder of the power supply"s charging connector is lit to display your surface ar is acquiring power, and also the battery icon  will present an electric plug. Pick the Battery icon  to see an calculation of just how long it need to take till the machine is totally charged. It could take a minute because that that estimate to appear.

If the LED indicator  isn"t lit or the battery symbol doesn’t show that the battery is charging (you don’t watch the electric plug top top the icon), see surface Battery won’t fee or surface ar won’t run on battery.

Check come make sure that the LED indicator  top top the guideline of the strength supply"s charging connector is lit. If it"s not, you may have an concern with your strength supply. For much more info, watch What to carry out if your surface power supply or charger doesn"t work.

It deserve to take a couple of hours to completely charge the battery when it’s empty. It can take longer if you’re utilizing your surface for power-intensive tasks like gaming or video clip streaming if you’re charging it. To view the approximated time continuing to be to totally charge the battery, choose the battery icon  on the right side the the taskbar.

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Additional charging details for surface Book

The batteries in Surface publication may additionally charge at different rates, relying on the power state of each battery. Whichever battery has actually less 보다 20% charge will certainly be charged first. ~ both batteries have actually been fee to 20%, both are charged in ~ the exact same time.

To identify if you deserve to upgrade your Surface book 2 to windows 11, watch Which Surface tools can it is in upgraded to windows 11?