Tablet won"t charge or switch on, as soon as charger is plugged in the changing logo design flashes on n off and also not actually charging. I have actually tried other means of charging it and also pushing the volume switch and also on button but still not functioning.

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It will certainly take much longer to charge this method as normally USB chargers (and also PC USB ports) perform not supply as a lot existing as AC adapters


Maybe I"m doing something wrong but it will not charge mine. Is tright here a distinction in the COMPUTER ubs port?


If the tablet doesn"t charge once utilizing the charge port or the micro USB port, (assuming your tablet is a Viking Pro 10 RCT6303W87DK), it might be that tright here is a difficulty with the tablet"s charging circuit or the tablet"s battery.

You have the right to test your PC"s USB port for power by inserting either a mobile phone or a USB computer mouse right into the port and inspect whether the phone starts to charge or the mouse"s laser light turns on

Omg i feel favor a idiot,i didn"t even realize that"s what that port was?!Thank goodness i came throughout this site,now i dont need to send tablet earlier for a giftcard

Seems to be Issue with This Tablet. Either the rechargeable batteries are cheep to begin via or the connections are. We"ve 3, purchased together 3 family members members,
6 mo back. Unuseable.

Not also a flicker While on charger! 2nd & 3rd are founding Noticeable equivalent problems. third now should be ON charger to use, also if shows 100% charged! 2nd, holds full chrg
2-4 hrs same activity.

BTW; second dev ONLY EVER offered , by elder, to Read Books! No games, no surfing, nada. All I cn number is currently, as soon as 100% charged- charger transforms off till tab dead (if not offered shouldn"t shed charge). IF plugged in, not supplied say 2-3 days = dead. Must unplug, rechrge n USE before chrgr cuts juice? Or starts dischrg? I"m told box has actually safety on/off prevent"g overchrg"g?

Tried unplug as soon as full, Still dies if unsupplied for 2-3 dys. She "plans" usage and let"s remain dead when not going to use for awhile. Soon all 3 expect = useless. SADVERTISEMENT for RCA Brand.





jsaldana2807 if your charging port has actually broken, then you can rearea it. Use this video to at leastern get right into your tablet. Remove all ribbon cables and remove the screws to remove the motherboard. Then desolder the old port and also rearea with a brand-new one.

My charging ports are good, my charger is excellent, could you have actually any kind of various other ideas,? Please let me know.

I know im a bit late through this, but i just gained this tablet from a friend that passed amethod and left it to me. I can not get it to charge at all. I supplied the USB(did not work), then i supplied the DC(did not work) i got the stupid principle to use both(the USB cable and also the DC cable )…Now it has actually the power to charge.

I probably must not execute this, however i was at a loss.

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Hopefully this will certainly aid for the peeps later on, if they wind up acquiring one from someone else.

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