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How to Swap the SIM Card in a Samsung Galaxy S6

The SIM card tray is located under the power button on the right side of the S6. Make sure your phone is turned off prior to you open it:

Use the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ejection Pin

New Samsung Galaxy S6 devices come packaged via an ejection pin for the SIM card tray. Insert the ejection pin into the tiny hole alongside the SIM tray slot to make it pop open up.

Rerelocate the SIM Card Tray

Gently pull on the edges of the tray to rerelocate the SIM card from your Galaxy S6.

Remove the Old SIM Card and also Place the New One on the Tray

Keep in mind the shape of the tray to figure out just how to place your brand-new card. One of the corners must have a diagonal pattern that matches the slant on your card. The name and also brand also on the card have to be dealing with up, and the gold call points should be encountering downward.


Unprefer theGalaxy S5, Galaxy S6 tools are not waterproof, so the SIM card have the right to be damaged if your phone gets wet.

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How to Swap the SIM Card in a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Changing the SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is basically the same process. The just distinction is the location of the SIM card tray, which is on the top-left side of the phone (when perceived from the front). Make certain your phone is powered off prior to you begin.