Isolation plays, also known as ISO plays, are offensive theatre designed to develop one-on-one video game situations. One isolation play"s goal is come score purely based on a player"s offensive an abilities (or one more player"s lack of protective skills). In an isolation play, commonly the team"s many talented scorer gets the ball, while your teammates spread out the court to provide them space. The way, the player v the ball and their defender truly obtain isolated, and also have room to play one-on-one.

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ISO theatre are an excellent in the finish game as soon as there is little time left ~ above the video game clock in the 4th quarter. In the scenario, the team"s best and most decisive player will certainly be the one in isolation. Every coach have to use some isolation dram in your playbook. However, ISOs space not right at all times during a game, and also it is not effective all the time; let"s look in ~ the pros and also cons the ISO plays.

Pros of Isolation Plays

There room lots of benefits to isolation plays and why they are effective in a basketball game. Here are the factors why ISO plays need to be in her playbook:

Your ideal player, who you to trust to do shots, gets the ball.

Cons that ISO Plays

There space a few reasons why friend should take into consideration not using ISO plays in her playbook.

Building out your roster"s depth is crucial for the long-term growth of the team.

Isolation play Types

There are unlimited possibilities for exactly how to set up one isolation play, but the core concept remains the same. If girlfriend can create a one-on-one situation with your best player you have a good chance the success. Here are perform of isolation play types you can incorporate in your playbook:

Player Mismatches In ISO Plays


ISO plays room most efficient when teams produce player mismatches. When a mismatch is apparent on the court, it"s a great sign for running an ISO play. When designing an isolation play approximately a player mismatch, look in ~ the following things:

Size advantageHeight advantageQuickness and speedNumber of player fouls

How to Setup ISO Plays

To collection up an isolation pat in basketball, you require to attract defenders away from the basket and also from the dribbler. The best means to set up isolation dram is v a combination of screens and also cuts, such as the ones stated above. As a coach, monitor these actions when planning her isolation play:

Know her players" strengths and also weaknesses.Decide i m sorry player should acquire the ball, preferably the most talented scorer.Draw defenders far from the dribbler v a mix of screens and also cuts.

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Isolations in ~ the finish of the Game

Isolation shots in ~ the finish of games are the toughest because the video game clock is winding down and also the offensive player has actually to have the ability to make his move in time to acquire the shot off and potentially success the game. The factor that groups don"t operation their offense and also just isolate their finest player at the optimal of the vital is since it is the most risk averse. The coach can put the round in the best player"s hand at the end of the game and live through the result, whether they make the video game winner or miss the potential win shot.

Examples of great Isolation Players

Some instances of good isolation players taking the critical shot room Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Kyrie Irving. These players space dangerous end-of-game isolation shot-takers and makers. For example, Jordan and also Bryant had a killer instinct the was unmatched and they broke hearts making video game winning shots.. An additional example is Irving, that is a ball-handling wizard and can shooting the round exceedingly well. That mix is deadly for a protective player. Damian Lillard has twice struggle a "series-winning shot" in the playoffs.