The Maytag washer has been designed to operate when locked and of the many washers that you will come across in the market, Maytag is the hardest to bypass the lid switch, thus chances of getting electrocuted are high.

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There are, however, reasons that may prompt you to want to bypass the lid switch, for example, if the washer gets broken with your clothes stuck inside and the lid closed. The safest way to go about the above situation is to first unplug the washing machine from the electrical socket let it sit for one hour and then try to open the lid, if it doesn’t open then you will have to get an expert to fix it.

Important to note is that the washer has incorporated a lock designed to stay locked but with the current flowing into the appliance.

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It is impossible to bypass

Not that there haven’t been washers with lids that did not lock when the units are running, rather that they posed a real danger to households that had kids. For example, the automatic washers from the past did not have lid locks and people grew up with them. But with technology getting the best of our young ones, it is better to stay safe than sorry.

Back to the Maytag washer, and it might interest you to know that the manufacturers of Maytag have their ears on the ground and are consistently making it impossible to bypass the lid switch. So what happens when you try to bypass the lid switch, is that it will show you a code indicating that the door is not opened in between the cycles. You could also be furnished with a door lock unlock error.

The intelligent appliance has been configured to send a signal when the lid is locked and will from time to time, test itself to ensure that the function is operative. And if by any chance it detects that there is an issue with the system, then the spinning speed will be significantly reduced.

How to bypass Lid Switch on the Maytag bravo’s washer? 

Anytime that you invest in any of the Maytag bravo’s washers, you must know that they come in different series, meaning that while one process might be perfect for one, it will probably not work on a different series.

There are versions of the Maytag bravos washers, that have incorporated a magnetic switch on the latch and to bypass it, all you need to do is place a magnet at the very spot and which will simulate the lid. Some of the Maytag bravo’s washers have incorporated a mechanical switch that has been directly built in the lock latch.

To override the above, you will have to unscrew the latch from the lid and just insert it into the lock and which will simulate the lid closed.

Disadvantages of bypassing the lid switch on Maytag bravos washer

Opening the lid of your Maytag washer while in use, can bring harm to anyone operating the washer. Remember that the rotating drum in your Maytag washer uses a lot of energy and if you happen to put your hands inside it when it is running, a piece of cloth could accidentally wrap around your arm and can, therefore, rip it off or throw you around.

Given the modification, (the lid switch bypass) there are chances that someone else could use the washer and get injured not to mention kids in the house. The above will put you in serious trouble with the law. Additionally, you could want to dispose of the washer, and since you had already bypassed the safety feature and forgot to inform the person that you are selling the unit to, they could attain injuries or die of electrocution, unknowingly and which will again put you into serious trouble with the law.

Final thought 

Operating the lid switch on the Maytag washer is as simple as pressing the start button and it will unlock. Another manufacturer accepted method is pausing or turning the unit off, the only problem is that the latter feature, will have the load start all over again. Bypassing the lid switch of the Maytag washer will bring calamity to your home or to the person that you will resell the Maytag washer.


Is it possible to reset the lid lock on the Maytag washer?

 Yes, you can reset the lid on the Maytag washer, all you need to do is unplug the washer for around ten minutes, to reset the washer, and clear the flashing light. Locate the End of the cycle/ the cycle signal and press it for 20 seconds.

What causes the Maytag washer to be lid locked? 

The LF or the F8E1 error codes appearing indicate that there is a problem with the washer’s water supply. Failure to detect the water supply hoses, the control will automatically pick the problem with the water pressure sensor and which will cause the lid to lock from where the machine will enter a pump out mode for at least eight minutes.

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