Hi every looking for comprehensive instructions on how to develop one. There is some details on net ,and here. I have the right to not find a great details on this. Any aid out there? Thanks! George

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This should obtain you going, ns have developed one myself and they are very powerful.http://www.woodturnersresource.com/extras/projects/priddle/WoodBurner.htmlhttp://www.woodworkersguide.com/2012...aporizer-1000/
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Before friend go any kind of further, inspect out this videoI wish ns had uncovered this months ago when ns was trying to carry out the very same thing. This one is very specific about i beg your pardon items to buy and how to properly convert the charger. Very straightforward and understandable also for human being like me for whom expertise of electrical stuff ends at "plug that in".
For those who have made the home-made versions. Have the right to you use the continuous pens such as the burnmaster pens v these units?
For those who have actually made the home-made versions. Can you usage the continual pens such together the burnmaster pens v these units
I would not united state my pens v this. That has practically 4 times the power of the burnmaster. You would certainly most most likely burn lock out. They have actually an internal resistance the 2 or 3 ohms depending on the brand of pen. A burnmaster have the right to burn various other brand pens up if offered at also high a setup
Paul, you can order Nichrome wire on amazon. I bought a pair of rolls around 6 months back and castle were roughly $17.00 per roll. The rolls are not large, however will last a really long time. I would recommend a minimum the 18 gauge. If you have 20 - 22 gauge cable you deserve to twist lock together.
Jeff: thanks for the info. Ns am collecting the parts to do this and hope to no electrocute myself. Uncovered a Diehard charger in ~ K-Mart top top sale for $29.95 so ns am on mine way.Thanks again.
George I will certainly be glad to keep you informed. Ns ordered part nichrome cable which is mean to be below Saturday. I will certainly then shot and placed it together then.

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This is an upgrade for George that i promised. Very first disclaimer is I wanted to save the charger unmodified because it has a 3 yr warranty and I walk not desire to void that. You might make this much easier if friend did not care around the warranty. This is constructed from plans already posted in this thread with only physical transforms to suit my needs. Right here is the finish unit.IMG_1045.JPGClose-up the the regulate unit. I offered parts I had actually laying around. That only function is to differ the entry voltage come the charger.IMG_1044.JPGHere is the pen ns made.IMG_1047.JPGAnd right here is the pen under 10 amps the power.IMG_1050.JPGAnd right here is a reminder I make by pounding the tip level to be comparable to the skew tip accessible for purchase.IMG_1053.JPGIMG_1054.JPGThe unit works great and is an extremely controllable. The only strange point i have uncovered is as soon as you very first turn it on you need to turn it increase to around 10 amps prior to the needle will move on the amp gauge. Then you can earlier it under to whereby you want it. I appears to have all the power I will need. Expect this helps George and also I provided 18 gauge nichrome wire. I will certainly probably try different gauges down the road yet 18 seems to it is in a an excellent all roughly gauge.