This overview will help you finish the Molecular Level quest in Fallout 4, among the longest searches in the game. It’s not specifically tough in regards to combat, yet the crafting can throw off some of the even more hoswarm players in the game. We crawled with unstable problems to complete this, ensuring that we had eexceptionally information to make certain you deserve to perform the exact same, and without every one of the fuss.

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If you instead need assist through any type of other locations of Fallout 4, then head over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, featuring additional pursuit walkthroughs, as well as rare items locations throughout the Republic.

The Molecular Level Quest Walkthrough

Have the Courser Chip Analyzed

The initially thing you’ll need to carry out is take a trip to Goodneighbor and also soptimal to Dr. Amari. She’s the one that helped you through Fallout 4: Dangerous Minds, so you must have actually a quick travel option to relocate from your current location to Goodneighbor. Use it, and also then stop through Dr. Amari to complete you first objective. She won’t have the ability to help you, but she will advise that you look for out a particular factivity dubbed the Railroad.

Search the Railroad HQ

If you have actually completed a search referred to as Roadway to Freedom, you will have actually currently met the Railroad. If that’s the instance, you need to fast travel to their area and also soptimal with Tinker Tom. If you have actually not completed that search, you can review’s guide on Fallout 4: Road to Freedom. When you’re done, move ago to this page and we’ll proceed via this primary search.

Analyze the Courser Chip

When you have actually completed Roadway to Freedom, or simply rapid traveresulted in the Railroad HQ, you’ll desire to stop with a man called Tinker Tom. He is the one who deserve to analyze the Courser Chip that you combated so difficult to achieve, and also then it’s on to the following objective.

Return to Virgil

Leave the Railroad HQ, and also the church that is supplied to hide it. When you’re back on the street, rapid take a trip ago to Virgil at his Rocky Cave. Use a Rad-X to speak yourself from taking on as well many Rads, then walk into the cave and also stop via Virgil. He’ll hook you up via some schematics that you have the right to usage to develop a Signal Interceptor.

Get Help to Build the Signal Interceptor

Optional: Talk to the MinutemenOptional: Talk to the RailroadOptional: Talk to the Brotherhood

After you’re done talking through Virgil, departure his cave and also usage your Pip-Boy to take a trip to your following destination. Wbelow that is depends on you, as you’ll acquire to pick whether you desire to gain the assist of the Railroad, Minutemen or Brotherhood to complete the remainder of this pursuit. Since we already had a negotiation establimelted in Sanctuary, we opted to go there and stop via Preston Garvey, that then advised us to sheight through Sturges.

Talk to

The scientist you have to speak with counts on the factivity you chose to ask for help.

In our case, this objective was Talk to Sturges, however you’ll need to talk to the scientist that works for the factivity you decided to ask for assist. If you made a decision the Minuteguys, then you’ll have to talk to the same perboy that we did. It’s also worth noting that the remainder of this guide will explain just how to develop the Signal Interceptor in Sanctuary, yet the design shouldn’t adjust even if you opted to construct it in an additional location.

Build the Reflector Platform

After our conversation via Sturges, we then had to begin building and construction by building the Reflector Platcreate. It is very crucial that you perform this in the order that we outline right here, as doing things in a different way deserve to bring about a glitch that prevents you from completing the search. It’s fixable, so don’t worry too a lot.

When you’re ready, construct and place the Reflector Platdevelop in the middle of an open up lot in Sanctuary, or if you are elsewhere, in an area that is fairly level and also open. You’ll require a fair amount of area to complete this.

Also, acquiring the essential provides that you need to complete all this work have the right to be a pretty massive pain for those that don’t spend most time scavenging. If you absence the supplies and desire to perform points right, start scavenging till you have what you require, or spend some caps at miscellaneous vendors to buy it. If you simply desire the material and don’t care exactly how, you can check out’s overview to earning unlimited caps and buying everything in the game.

Build the Beam Emitter

Optional: Search Military Sites for a Circuit Board

After you have place the Reflector Platcreate, develop the Beam Emitter and also encertain that it breaks onto the Reflector Platdevelop. We can’t stress and anxiety this enough, if they don’t fit together favor Lego, you didn’t perform it right. It will certainly literally snap into place as soon as you have it in the correct position. If you are missing the Circuit Board for this, usage your Pip-Boy to locate the parts you’re lacking.

Build the Relay Dish

Optional: Search Telecom Sites for a Sensor Module

The Relay Dish need to be cshed to the Reflector Platform and Beam Emitter, yet it doesn’t snap to either of them. Put it off to the side, yet it have to be on the same empty lot wbelow you’ve been structure the remainder of your Signal Interceptor. Aobtain, if you are doing not have the Sensor Module, usage your Pip-Boy to track one dvery own so that you deserve to progress to the following step.

Build the Console

Optional: Search Hospitals for a Biometric Scanner

This is the fourth and final item to your Signal Interceptor, although tright here is a lot more job-related to execute. Place it close to the Relay Dish, yet again, it won’t snap to any kind of of the other components. You deserve to be as elaborate or as standard as you would favor once putting this altogether. If you lack the Biometric Scanner, consult your Pip-Boy to track one dvery own and also then meet us here to finish the task.

Power up the Signal Interceptor

Three Large Generators should be enough to power this entire operation if you have actually the gives.

Here is wbelow world have the right to get stuck, so we’re going to spell it out for you action by action, including the order that each component demands to be put.

Place the Reflector PlatformSnap the Beam Emitter to the Reflector PlatformPlace the Relay DishBuild and also Place the Console

When that’s complete, it’s time to add Power, and also you’ll require 27 complete. For this, we supplied three Large Generators, through each of them producing 10 Power. You have the right to usage whatever functions, but we uncovered this to be the many straightforward way to complete this task.

Place the three Large Generators beside each various other, and then obtain all set to play the function of an electrician. This component took us nearly 3 hours because of a glitch, so our instructions should be followed specifically if you wish to avoid the exact same troubles. If you aren’t sure, back all the means up to the Build the Reflector Platform objective and begin aacquire.

Here is the order that you need to include your Wires.

If you’d like to continue and beat the game best now (type of, there are still dozens of side quests), head to Fallout 4: Institutionalized. If you want to conserve it for later and perform somepoint else, visit’s Fallout 4 Walkwith and also Guide.

The imperiods over show eincredibly Wire that we associated in order to power the Signal Interceptor.Use one Wire to connect 2 of the three Large Generators together.Place a Large Power Pylon cshed to the Large Generators.Run a Wire from one of the 2 linked Large Generators to the Large Power Pylon.Connect that Large Power Pylon to the Beam Emitter through a single Wire.Place a 2nd Large Power Pylon cshed to the 3rd Large Generator.Run one Wire from the 3rd Large Generator to the second Large Power Pylon.Connect one Wire from the Second Large Power Pylon to the Console.Connect one Wire from the 2nd Large Power Pylon to the Relay Dish.Run one Wire from the Consingle to the Beam Emitter.Finally, run one Wire from the Relay Dish to the Beam Emitter.

If this has all gone as we’ve outlined, you must have actually simply completed the objective asking you to Power up the Signal Interceptor. We realize tbelow are various other (perhaps even more efficient) ways to execute this, but this is how we completed the task, so we wanted to carry out you via a tested solution. Aobtain, if you are 100 percent certain you’ve acquired every one of the Wires linked correctly, however there is still an objective marker on the Reflector Platdevelop, you’ll need to take it all acomponent (store the items, don’t scrap them) and also start again. The Reflector Platdevelop have to be put initially, and then the Beam Emitter snapped right into location on optimal of it.

Talk to

Again, in our situation this was Sturges, yet you’ll need to soptimal through the faction scientist that represents the crew you asked for assistance. At this allude in the pursuit you shouldn’t have actually any type of trouble, but.

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Use the Signal Interceptor

Let the faction scientist understand that you’re all set to go, and then go stand on the Reflector Platform and simply wait. You’ll eventually be beamed approximately the Institute, completing this pursuit and also taking you to the last primary quest of Fallout 4.