has anyone used this stuff before? a friend recommended it to me and it sounds like it should actually work.

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What glove is it? Some of them can be baked like skates - others will respond to a hair dryer.

The key thing is to use it. A lot of gloves aren"t meant to feel especially anatomical, and it"s more a question of you learning the glove than breaking it in.


its a vaughn velo 3 with a pro palm (which certainly doesn"t help)

i have used it a few times but it"s just not breaking in as quickly as other gloves i have used.

i figured using this couldn"t hurt..


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That"s good for some materials, but not others - much like it used to be common practice to put skates on and hop into a hot bath; not so much any more.

Ok, Instructions to custom heat mold your glove.

Heat the glove in an accurately controlled convection oven (Skate oven) at a Temperature range of 145 to 160 F (63 to 71C) for 8 to 10 minutes. Use caution the glove will be hot. If necessary, allow the glove to cool slightly before putting it on your hand. Once heated, place the glove on your hand and tighten the wrist strap thumb and finger loops. Then flex the glove repeatedly to form to your desired shape. Repeat this step if necessary. If the glove is still warm, reduce the warming Time in Half. The inside of the glove can be misted with water to help soften the interior, speed up the break-in process and to keep the materials cool to the touch.

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CAUTION: Do not over heat the glove. If you are not sure of the oven temperature, use a cooking thermometer to set the temperature. Do not place the glove near the ovens heat elements, this can damage the glove.