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How execute I block a follower?


I witnessed an additional thcheck out that shelp you have to go to the person"s profile and also block them from there, but possibly I"m blind, bereason I can"t discover ANY option anywhere to block a follower? Can somebody aid me please? If I can"t block this folreduced, I"ll have to never usage my account aget unfortunately for personal factors. (See this is why I usage my instagram account much even more, I have the right to make my account private and I can conveniently block people).ThanksETA: NVM, I uncovered one more aid threview that told me to hover over the icon of the perboy I wimelted to block, and a tiny arrowhead came up and the alternative was under tbelow.Posted at 1:38PM, 4 June 2018 PDT(permalink)sweet72947 edited this topic 40 months back.