Started playing BitLife – Life Simulator and also wondering exactly how to come to be a pilot? check out on because that the overview on exactly how to become a pilot in BitLife.

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The player demands to apply for a pilot trainee project to acquire into the pilot and aircraft captain career. Yet the main challenge is to obtain approved because that the pilot-trainee job. There space a couple of things you have to take treatment of while applying for the pilot trainee job. Once you acquire into the pilot job and progress a bit, the BitLife – Life Simulator will promote you come co-pilot, then the pilot, and then you will eventually grab the Airline Captain post. It is among the 63 success in BitLife – Life Simulator. In today’s post, we will aid you gain into the pilot career. It just takes 5 minutes! Let’s acquire started – BitLife – Life Simulator Pilot Walkthrough – just how to become a pilot and also airline captain!

Requirements To come to be A Pilot In BitLife⇓

Any university DegreeDecent StatsPilot’s patent (you need to take the pilot test and also then you will certainly be eligible for the Pilot’s trainee job). To gain a Pilot’s license, friend will should attend flight school. Walk to activities -> licenses -> over there you can attend the flight school and get a pilot license).Pilot Trainee Job

Progression guide To end up being A Pilot In BitLife⇓

1⇒The very first point is to begin strong. Us all understand that the player it s okay a random virtual character; country, parents, sisters, brothers, parents’ age, and also the stats. Once you start a new life, pay attention to the character’s attributes; smartness, happiness, and also look. Looks, health, and happiness do not issue a lot. Especially, Looks(In pilot career). But your character have to be smart enough to gain an interview because that the pilot trainee job. If the smartness points space over 85, then proceed to the 2nd step. If not, we would certainly strongly introduce you begin another brand-new random life until you gain a clever character. The is evident that no company would ever before recruit a dumb character.

2⇒Graduate from high school. While researching in high school, you deserve to go come the library and maintain the smartness stats. The player, after obtaining graduated from high school, requirements to use for university/college in a specific subject. To become a pilot in BitLife – Life Simulator, you require to get a college degree. Any type of degree would work.

3⇒After graduating indigenous the university with an undergraduate level in any accessible subjects; English, Psychology, or Biology. Because that Psychology, Biology, apply for medical school. If the character’s smartness stat is good, girlfriend will gain into medical school without any type of problem! (Tap the occupation button -> education and learning -> clinical school).

4⇒Study tough while in medical school or university. And, graduate from medical school or university with an English Degree. Don’t forget to visit the library.

So this is the very first part to come to be a pilot and an airplane captain in BitLife – Life Simulator. Let’s head to the 2nd part!

Look because that The Job, LUCK, and PATIENCE

Once you are graduated native a medical school or any kind of other level from University and have good smart stats, all you have to do is apply for a pilot trainee job. Friend will absolutely get approved. However the trouble is over there is no guarantee the there would certainly be a vacancy for a pilot trainee task right after you graduated from medical school.

You have the right to either shuffle the job offerings in the job menu by restarting the app(Close the app and open again – this will adjust the job offerings) orTap the age switch -> madness the job button -> browse other listings -> look for the pilot trainee task -> use it if available.


BitLife Life Simulator Pilot – Trainee, Co-Pilot, Pilot, Airline Captain

After gaining approved for the pilot trainee job, all you need to do is work hard(tap the job button -> occupational hard). You will obtain the promotion; pilot trainee to Co-Pilot, Co-Pilot come Pilot, Pilot come Airline Captain.

Keep in mind that this is not the only method to come to be a pilot or Airline Captain. If you room lucky, you may acquire approved for the pilot-trainee task after graduating indigenous graduate school(With engineering qualification) or sign up with air force in the army -> then apply for Pilot Trainee. Yet the walkthrough we shared over is the best; it works 99.99%. If you have any kind of other walkthrough, allow us know in the comment section below!

What to execute if Pilot Trainee job is no available?

If the Pilot Trainee task is no available, then you should restart the app, which shuffles the project listings. Store shuffling till you watch the Pilot Trainee Job, i beg your pardon is compelled to become Pilot.

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This write-up was critical updated in October 2020. Included license info. For this reason that’s all for currently in this article on exactly how to end up being a pilot in BitLife.

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