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We are all familiar with the pop-up we see when we open the game. The gold store beckons to us and tempts us with items that will make us stronger, faster, and sometimes prettier. Whether you are buying packs for features or to upgrade stats, it is important to make wise choices. 

Money does not grow on trees, or so I have been told countless times, I’m still determined to find a magical money tree. Ultimately when it comes down to choosing packs unless you have a deep bank account and can throw massive amounts of your magic tree money at the game you need to know how to stretch your dollars to the fullest. 

Our guide today will discuss my favorite tips and tricks about how to stretch your dollars as far as possible. 

Pack Purchasing in the Mech War Dimension

There are so many tips we can give to help you optimize your purchases in the Mech War Dimension. Probably one of the biggest we can give is to never pay full price for a pack! By utilizing Amazon Coins, you can purchase packs at a discount and save yourself some money (which for many will honestly go towards the next pack).

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If you are an android user and use Play Points make sure to take advantage of the 10 dollar coupons offered through the play store that you can purchase with Play Points. I do not know if Apple has similar programs because Android is clearly superior ;-). 

The next top tip we have for you before we go into detail, feels obvious but is not. Never spend beyond your means. Many of us have seen in the news stories of individuals who have embezzled money or gotten money through illegal means to purchase their packs. Based on the fact that this was in the news, it obviously did not end well!

A Quick Note on Mobile Strike Pack Loaders

We often get a lot of questions about Loaders. Anyone who has spent any time in our community rooms knows that this is a taboo subject in there. Today, I want to take a minute to address why we do not talk about Loaders, even though we are very aware that they are out there and available. 

MSHQ Reason Two: Account Safety

We all invest a lot of time and money into our game accounts. By sharing logs we put ourselves at risk of having our accounts destroyed. Trust the wrong person and you can see a lot of money and a lot of time wiped out. 

There are a few reasons for this, one being that there are definitely loaders out there that are shady people. Refund Loaders can cause damage to your account and this can lead to repercussions that may go as far as your account being banned. The other reasons we will cover in Reason One. 


We all know the Terms of Service exist however, we do tend to ignore those pesky little things which is why I want to point out a couple of things real quick. We are straight up told in Terms of Service (TOS) that we are not to share credentials with anyone else. 

No Transfer of Accounts or In-Game Items. Your account is for your personal use only. You specifically agree not to: (1) share your account credentials with anyone else,

The TOS also states no selling, buying, renting, leasing of accounts, or in-game currency. They even go as far as saying we cannot endorse or share individuals that do these things. 

(2) sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, trade, or otherwise transfer your account, (3) sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, trade or otherwise transfer any “Gold” or other virtual currencies, game resources, in-game services like “speed-ups,” or other in-game items associated with your account (collectively, “In-game items”), except by using mechanisms within the Game that anticipate and specifically allow for the non-commercial transfer of in-game items, (5) link to or otherwise endorse or identify any websites, organizations or persons that sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, buy, offer to buy, accept, access, trade or otherwise transfer accounts or in-game items…

This goes on to continue to say do not do this and if you want to read more head to section 4 of the TOS. However, let’s be real for a moment, we know this is something that is done in Mobile Strike and will continue to be done, however, by doing so you put yourself at risk of leaving yourself open to frauds who steal your money if you choose the wrong pack loader or having your account terminated or suspended. The safer option to save money is to use Amazon coins which we have ever so kindly provided a link to, Amazon Coins! 

Ten MSHQ Tips to Help You Pick Your Mobile Strike Purchases

As mentioned above at times the number of packs can be overwhelming. Picking what to buy can feel like a chore in and of itself so we have some tips for you when contemplating what to purchase.

MSHQ Tip 1: Never ever (even if you say “never say never”) buy the first pack you see. 

“Never say never whatever you do,” sorry American Tale moment there, but honestly sometimes you should say never. Often when you see the pack with the item you are looking for, it is tempting to grab it right then. However, this is not the best way to go about purchasing your pack. At times, the wait is worth it. Watch the packs and see what they do. Sometimes one pack will offer 20 items and 15 minutes later it will offer 50 items. So make sure that you are getting the most out of your money by buying the best packs available.

MSHQ Tip 2: Be intentional about what you are buying.

Before you pick your purchase, know what you are buying and what it will do for you. 

For example, you see a new building on the Horizon, the Command Post, you want to unlock it and upgrade it because it is new and you of course must have it, right? Not necessarily, with the fact that this building only increases Troop Capacity, it does not make it a “need” for most players. 

It is better to intentionally buy something that will increase your stats than to buy something that only increases your Troop capacity. 

MSHQ Tip 3: Know the cost

Everything has a cost. Knowing the cost and how it correlates to the amount of items you can get from a pack is important. Sometimes you may be able to get more of one thing but get even more stats from something else. A great place to find the cost is in our Monthly Recaps and other articles. You can also ask other players who may have already upgraded the feature. 

MSHQ Tip 4: Know the benefits and whether or not it is worth it.

What exactly does this feature do? Do you really need it? If you are already capping or burning people, is this something that is a priority? Many times when excited about new features, players will go buy them and quickly discover they did not actually need it or did not need it right then.

A great example is the Arsenal. When our Munitions reach a certain level the stats max. As a defender, the stats I am most interested in are type stats and the Base Defender Stats. While it would be nice to have the ability to run multiple boosts at once if I do not need the higher levels for stats then I am going to focus on other features first. Hopefully, the packs I am buying have leveling items as well because I know eventually, I will want those higher levels. Yet, it will not be my main focus. 

Once again, going back to Tip 2 of being intentional. Part of being intentional is knowing how the feature works, and sometimes this means that you have to wait until other players have had time to test it out and play with it.

MSHQ Tip 5: Is it a need or a want?

I may want the extra Battlemark features but if the pack they come in does not have items that I need then the purchase is not worth it. When I think of features that are needs versus wants in the Mech Dimension it comes down to two things:

I need things that give me stats that enhance my playstyleI want things that make life simpler when playing 

While I may want something when I am working on a budget there is a need to recognize that needs need to come before wants. 

MSHQ Tip 6: Check the Mobile Strike Headquarters Website or Line Rooms

When new features are released, we do our best to be able to update you as quickly as possible. However, also be aware that sometimes it may take a little time. Always check our articles here or hop over to our community rooms and give us a shout-out. I can tell you that even if we do not have the answer right away, someone in the rooms will, and typically we can direct you to who that is (and learn something new ourselves!)

MSHQ Tip 7: Follow the Rule of Three

Many budget accounts follow the Rule of Three. This rule is simple, a pack must have at least three things they need for them to purchase it. This means these players are looking at combo packs a lot and waiting for the packs that are really going to help push their stats. 

Another component to this is making sure that the amounts in that pack are useful. If it has three things you need, that is great. However, if the amounts are not enough to allow you to make progress then keep looking, my friend.

MSHQ Tip 8: Watch for events and holidays

Currently, I am looking forward to upcoming Memorial Day packs. Many times when an event or holiday is coming up, the packs get slightly better. Special packs for the event or holiday will be released. These are definitely packs you will want to look into. 

In addition, if you know KvK is coming, keep an eye out for recovery packs, as these are very helpful at times as well. In addition, around Holidays we have been seeing Giftable packs. These packs are often ones that are very helpful especially if you can trade with a fellow alliance member.

MSHQ Tip 9: Use Loyalty and Black Market Currency Wisely

With the changes to events and the Black Market, this tip is even more important than before. By doing events you can earn tokens that can then be spent in the Weekly Black Market or the Catch-Up Black Market. If you stay relatively caught up it can feel like the Catch-Up market does not have much to offer you however, it is important to do these events as well. I use the Catch-Up Market to buy my loyalty and spend my Weekly Black Market Token on things I actually need. 

Once again when choosing items from the Black Market you are going to consider the questions above. Will this move you forward? Can something else in the Black Market give you more stats and should you purchase that first? It is important to be wise when making decisions with your in-game currency because this is how you are going to supplement the money you are not spending in the Gold Store. 

MSHQ Tip 10: Try to talk yourself out of it!

This is probably one of the best tips we can give. This tip combines every other tip above. If you are looking at a pack, consider all of the tips we have already given, and make yourself a checklist.

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Do I need this or want it?How will it boost my account?Is it worth it?Am I able to purchase enough packs to get it to the level I need?Have I educated myself on this?Is this something that I can maybe get in the Black Market or with Loyalty?Is there a Holiday or event coming up so I can watch for better packs?

After you have read all of the tips and considered everything possible, try to talk yourself out of buying the pack using the answers to these questions. If you can justify why your account can wait on that purchase or does not need it, then consider not buying yet or picking another feature that will do more for you!

Sometimes deciding what to buy can be as difficult as figuring out how to build. We at Mobile Strike HQ want to be sure that you are buying effectively and building effectively so that you can get the most out of the game! If you have questions, please ask, and know that we are here for you, our Community.

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