Learn exactly how to locate and take under the Predator in this overview to the new cost-free DLC for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Tom Clancy"s Ghost Recon: Wildlands has just obtained a new totally free DLC,The Hunt, which brings the famous alien cinematic personality the Predator come the country of Bolivia. The score of The Hunt is to situate the Predator and also kill him.

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As a reward, you will get brand-new customization items, including Predator"s very own thermal-vision helmet. Store on reading this overview if you desire to understand where to discover this dangerous alien foe and how to take him under in the best means possible.

Predator place inTom Clancy"s Ghost Recon: Wildlands


In order to situate the Predator, you need to first speak to the girl at the place in the Caimanes region together a component of the bonus legend The Jungle relocated (see the screenshot over for specific location).

When you come at the location, just follow the triangular mite on the screen, i m sorry will bring you come the crying girl. As you speak to her, she will give you three new landmarks come visit, which will certainly instantly popular music up on her screen,

You have to visit lock in order from the closest one come the the furthest one. At the last location, you will spot a crashed spaceship. You will certainly instantly an alert that friend have gone into the fight zone, which will be suggested by the yellow one on her mini-map.

Killing Predator inTom Clancy"s Ghost Recon: Wildlands


The first thing you should be conscious of as soon as the fight starts is that the Predator will certainly be completely cloaked and shoot you from different directions because of his capacity to move really fast.

This can prompt you to start moving approximately too, yet in truth it won"t help you as well much. Instead, you should find a heavy obstacle, such together a tree or a huge rock, which will serve as both a hiding place and a shield in case the Predator quiet manages to spot you.

Another point that will help you extremely is the fact that The Hunt deserve to be played not only in solo mode but also in co-op through friends and rebels. The much more people you can carry to the fight, the better. Every these other personalities will serve as a distraction because that the Predator.

Lastly, allow the Predator hunt rather while you manage to detect the by his cartridge trails and laser aim. If girlfriend hit him, friend will notice the characteristics glowing, green blood. It"s a an excellent sign, so save up the press on him.

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The Predator will certainly be beat as shortly as the drops his cloak and also stops moving. This is as soon as you can end up him off. However first, he will certainly drop ~ above his knees and also activate the self-destructing device on his arm. This is the signal because that you that you need to run out of the yellow circle as conveniently as possible.


That is all you need to understand in stimulate to defeat the Predator in this new complimentary DLC. For otherTom Clancy"s Ghost Recon: Wildlands guides, refer to the list below: