Assigning scene and also web page numbers to your manuscript is an extremely necessary part of the pre-manufacturing and also production phase of your project because after a particular suggest web page and scene numbers cannot readjust anymore. This is bereason everyone in the production department and in various other departments has to depend on this information. Otherwise it would certainly be impossible to make sure that everyone is literally on the very same web page once planning and transferring out specific jobs choose prepping sets, costumes, visual impacts and various other stuff.

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So, how does this job-related when changes are made to the manuscript, after scene and page numbers have been locked for production?

Once a manuscript goes right into pre-manufacturing, the web page and scene numbers are locked and also are not readjusted. So, as soon as particular scene are readjusted afterward the equivalent peras are called “revisions” or “revised pages”.

“Locking” and also “revisions” will certainly be spanned in an additional article, yet it is important for you to know that scene and also page numbers usually are provided in connection with a locked manuscript in revision mode.

Automatic Scene Numbers in Final Draft 10

So, let’s see exactly how the numbering of scenes and also pages functions inside of Final Draft 10.

To add scene numbers, go to “Production – Scene Numbers”.


Add Scene Numbers

Choose the aspect you desire to include numbering to, in this case that’s “Scenes”.

You have actually two options of numbering easily accessible here, please inspect with your production department which of the 2 they want to use.

Then select, with which number you want to begin, normally this will be “1”.

You have the right to begin numbering from the existing scene if you want. If this box is not checked, numbering will begin at the beginning of your script with your first scene.

If you’ve numbered any type of scenes before and also you desire to store their numbers intact, check this box below, “Keep existing numbers”.

In the choices tab you can examine or uncheck whether you want the number to appear on the left, the ideal, or on both sides of the page.

And, in case you desire to usage a different font you deserve to perform so.

Page Numbers

To include web page numbers in Final Draft, go to “Document – Header and also Footer…”. Final Draft opens up an easy dialog, that has three tabs: Header, Footer, and also Options.


Add Page Numbers

Just select the tab wright here you want to place your web page numbers and also location the cursor on the left side, in the middle, or on the ideal side in the text area listed below, relying on wright here you want your web page numbers to show up.

And then, simply click the “Page” – switch. Basically that’s it. If you desire you have the right to add extra text elements, prefer a dot next to the web page number.

In the options tab you deserve to select, whether you desire to display your header or footer, and if you desire to have actually it displayed on the initially web page. Also, you deserve to enter the web page number on wright here to start.

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