Note: This guide is a work in progress, thus not every sections room yet written. It will be maintained up to date to match any changes v future patches.

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This guide is written with the intention of answering all the questions brand-new players will certainly have, in the most likely order that they will be asked.

Ideally, brand-new players will have the ability to follow it as they progress through their journey in-game, akin come a virtual guide.

Links to outside guides will likewise be contained below, and also a attach to CIG’s official ‘Guide’ program, i beg your pardon matches a personal guide with new players.

Through all these resources, players will be equipped v the expertise to act confidently and independently in any duty they choose in-game.

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1 Basics1.1 main menu1.2 gaining started in-game2 Gameplay loops and also missions2.1 ship combat2.2 Trade2.4 Deliveries2.5 Mission running2.6 FPS combat3 game settings and also controls3.1 Social3.2 video game mechanics

Main menu

The main menu provides accessibility to the Persistent Universe, Star Marine and Arena Commander.

On the right hand side is the Spectrum girlfriend interface, which mirrors all friends (online and also offline) and permits you to add brand-new friends. Below this is the notifications panel, which display screens a log of all got notifications, also those received in-game. Invitations have the right to be embraced or declined within this interface.

On the bottom left hand edge you can accessibility and quit the game.

Joining a server in the Persistent Universe

To sign up with the Persistent Universe, select the "Universe" tab on the top left hand corner. The first time you perform this, you will certainly be taken to the personality customisation interface.

Once you have created your character, you will be went back to the cosmos section. In right here you can select your starting location from among the four significant planets, or port Olisar.

This location is wherein you will first spawn in the game, however whenever you travel to a brand-new location that has actually spawning capability, your spawn place will change.

Spawning: For an ext details on spawn mechanics, view the game mechanics section.

From this point onwards, once you choose the "Universe" ar from the key menu, you will only have one sign up with option noted under "Space Ports", which is Stanton. Once you pick this alternative you will certainly be inserted in the last spawnable location you went to in-game, or in the last ship bed you logged the end in.

Note: To discover out just how to sign up with a friend"s server watch the section here, because that joining a server through a party, watch here.

Getting started in-game

Basic on-foot controls

First up, we will certainly run with some basic controls below, i beg your pardon will permit you come navigate around the locations in the video game on-foot.

Star Citizen uses a tactile user interface that calls for the player come "mouse-over" UI elements which appear as holograms in-game, this UI facets are provided to communicate with objects in the world.

For example, if you want to communicate with a button in-game, you host the interact an essential (default F), relocate the circular icon that appears on display screen over the button, then press mouse 1 to confirm the interaction.

Default bindings

On-foot controlsControlBinding
Walk forwardW
Walk leftA
Walk rightD
Walk backS
SprintLeft Shift
Open interaction interfaceF (hold), mouse 1 to pick an item
Increase/decrease motion speedMouse wheel role up/down
Use text chatEnter
Using mobiGlas

The mobiGlas mechanism is a holographic wrist interface offered to all players, and also is a an essential tool for connecting with the game world.

In it, you have the right to do the following:


Manage every social functions, consisting of text chat, voice chat, adding contacts, contacting landing services and accepting or decreasing invitations.

Vehicle Loadout Manager

Manage vehicle and ship loadouts, consisting of weapons, jump drives, coolers and also power plants.

Equipment Manager

Manage an individual equipment, consisting of clothing, armor, weapons and utility items


View the in-game map system, which enables you come plot routes to locations, and also view all planets, room stations and even surface ar landmarks.


Trade in-game currency with various other players

Contracts Manager

Accept missions

Vehicle maintain Services

Request repair, rearm and refueling for your vehicle


Read journal entries that provide details about the people as you explore it

mobiGlas keybindings

mobiGlas controlsControlBinding
Open mobiGlas house screenF1
Open starmapF2
Open contactsF11
Show/hide chatF12

Main article: Emotes

You deserve to express miscellaneous emotions v a variety of preset emotes through either keying them right into the chatbox or accessing them through your inner assumed menu.

Spawning her ship

Reaching your leave location

Now you have actually spawned in to the Persistent Universe, you"ll most likely be wanting to spawn your ship, nevertheless of which place you generate at, friend will need to accessibility a fleet monitoring terminal.

If friend spawned on one of the major planets, it will be located in the starport. If girlfriend spawned in a room station, it will certainly be located in some central location.

An instance of a fleet administration terminal.


Navigating to the fleet management terminal at each location can be tricky the an initial time, because of this there room a variety of short videos below which carry out a walkthrough for each major location, too as an are stations.

---Add videos below for each location---

Spawning your ship via the fleet monitoring terminal

The fleet management terminal interface lists every ships you have actually available, including details on cargo an are and role, and also their existing status and location. Top top the much right side of every ship"s row will be the current available action, together this is the first time we have spawned a ship, the "Retrieve" option will be available. Choosing this will generate the ship and provide a hangar/pad number i beg your pardon we have the right to follow to reach it.

An example of a ship displayed in the fleet administration terminal


Fleet administration terminal UI: For much more details on the fleet monitoring terminal UI, including available ship actions, check out here.

Once we have actually the pad/hangar number because that our spawned ship, we can accessibility it via the pad/hangar elevators. These will certainly be located in the same area as the fleet management terminal.

Once in the elevator, communicate with the elevator button and also select the hangar/pad number the was given by the fleet management terminal. When you arrive at her ship"s hangar pad, it is time to take off.

Entering her ship: because that visual travel guide on how to find the entrance points because that each ship, watch here.

--- link to web page listing videos which show how to enter each delivery in the above note. (Also should film this videos and also create page) ---

--- require to develop fleet management terminal page with details top top UI and mechanics ---

Basic ship controls

Now us are ready to take off in our delivery of choice, we need to understand some basic controls for flight. Listed below are few of the crucial keybindings to memorise i m sorry will allow you come navigate your ship about the locations in-game.

Default bindings

Flight controlsControlBinding
Flight all set toggle (turns ~ above power and other systems vital for flight)R
Strafe forwardW
Strafe backwardS
Strafe leftA
Strafe rightD
Strafe upwardsSpace
Strafe downwardsCtrl
Roll leftQ
Roll rightE
Raise/lower speed limiterMouse scroll up/down
Toggle VTOL modeK
Raise/lower landing equipment (toggle)N
Activate/deactivate cruise manage (toggle)C
Spool quantum journey (activates QD interface)B (tap)
Activate quantum drive (jumps ship to selected location)B (hold)
Taking off

Contacting ATC for takeoff

Depending on whereby you room taking turn off from, you might need to request takeoff permission to leave your hangar. If you room on a room station, and also your ship has actually been spawned on an open pad, you perform not should request takeoff permission.

If you room in a location where your ship has actually been spawned in ~ a hangar, follow the instructions below:

Using her mobiglass, push F11 for commlink, then on the top left hand corner choose "Friends". Within the friend list will certainly be one ATC contact, e.g. "NB Intl. ATC", top top the bottom right of the ATC call card will be a switch to hail, choose this switch to inquiry landing/takeoff.

The ATC NPC will speak come you saying "You are clear for takeoff", or "Please soil on assigned landing pad" (these currently will change based top top location). When ATC has actually been contacted, the hangar doors will open and you will be clear to take it off.

If you space at a an are station, you will be totally free to navigate as shortly as you exit the hangar. If you room taking off from a spaceport top top a planet, monitor the indict below:

All spaceports on planets have a defended no-fly-zone neighboring the take off/landing hangars. The only method to enter or exit this zone is with a path that will certainly be significant for you, called a spline.

This will appear on your display as a series of concentric holographic rectangles producing a pathway outwards from the landing area you have actually taken off from. As soon as you have actually left your hangar, look approximately for this exit spline and navigate with it.

Once with the no-fly-zone spline you will certainly be clear to navigate easily (except in ~ the no-fly-zone itself).

Gameplay loops and also missions

In the Star citizens Alpha Persistent Universe, there room a number of activities obtainable to players, consisting of combat and non-combat, lawful and also unlawful. The following section will certainly cover each of these in detail.

Ship combat


Before we even start come think around combat we need to learn about our ship. You currently know how to take it off and also fly, yet let’s take it a look at just how our ship moves with space, the will give you a better idea of how the trip model works in star citizen. Each ship has actually 3 different types of thrusters.

The key thrusters space usually the most an effective thrusters ~ above a ship. They’re usually situated at the earlier of her ship and also they are responsible for her ship"s maximum velocity. For this reason if you want to go quick really easily make certain to angle them in the ideal direction to acquire the many speed.

The next most important thrusters room your Maneuvering thrusters. Castle are tiny thrusters that will assist you maneuver. They space responsible for helping friend strafe up and also down or left and right. The Maneuvering thrusters also assist you role your ship. You will do it be making use of Maneuvering thrusters a lot once you’re evading incoming fire.

The second most an effective thrusters space the Retro Thrusters. They’re usually located at the prior of her ship and also they aid with deceleration or once you desire to strafe backward. You’ll normally use them therefore you nothing crash right into objects or other ships.


Now that you know exactly how your thrusters work. I want to divide into your video game settings so girlfriend can collection them up appropriately so you acquire the many out of her ship’s thrusters.

The very first setting we desire to rotate off is G-Safe. G-Safe helps you no blackout as soon as you’re maneuvering yet it walk this by limiting her thrusters. By turning G-Safe off you’ll have much more control over her ship due to the fact that you deserve to push your limits and also just earlier off when you are around to pass out.

You deserve to turn this turn off by going come the game settings and transforming G-Safe off. This will enable you come make complete use of her thrusters so you nothing get restricted by a security mode.

Another setting that borders your thrusters is proximity assist. This will slow your ship under when getting too close come objects. This is mainly used because that landing but it can influence you throughout combat and also limit her thrusters once you acquire too close come objects favor asteroids. If you’re having actually trouble landing with this turn off you deserve to use your speed limiter to slow-moving down your ship.

You deserve to turn this off by going to the video game settings and turning proximity assist off. This will permit you come make full use of your thrusters so you nothing get minimal by proximity assist.

Ship Weapon Modes

You understand how thrusters work and also how to set them approximately be effective yet what good is maneuverability if you can not fight back so we’re going to take a look at ship tools in Star Citizen.

In Star citizen you gain two weapon modes, you acquire fixed and you gain gimbaled.

Fixed tools will enable you to ar the max size weapon on your ship. This will lock your firearms forward and also you’ll need to maneuver your ship to obtain on target. Addressed weapons have more damage 보다 gimbaled weapons however you’ll shed the capability to separately aim your weapons and you likewise don’t obtain aim assist.

Gimbaled weapons at the same time will allow you to individually aim your weapons without having actually to change your flight path. You have the right to do this through equipping a VariPuck Gimbal Mount. This will certainly downgrade the max weapon size you have the right to equip on your ship by 1 size however your tools will be able to be aimed independently and you’ll have the ability to get aim assist at the cost of damage.

You have the right to cycle v these weapon modes by pressing G on her keyboard however you’ll only have the ability to cycle your tools if your weapons are gimbaled due to the fact that fixed tools only have one mode.

Ship Weapon systems

There are also 3 different ship weapon solution in Star Citizen. These room Ballistic Weapons, power Weapons, and also Distortion Weapons.

Ballistic tools fire a solid or explosive projectile making use of ammunition. Ballistic weapons permeate some percent of adversary shields, depending upon the shield, and deal the remaining damages directly come the hull. Projectile weapons perform not usage as lot energy and also generate minimal heat and signature as soon as firing, yet require ammunition come fire. The projectiles room usually slow than power projectiles.

Energy weapons fire lasers and also do not use ammunition so your ammo is limitless. Power Weapons damages the shields the a ship very first and once they’re down they’ll begin doing damages to the hull of the ship. Energy Weapons use more energy and generate more heat and signature when firing than ballistic weapons however projectiles are usually faster than ballistic weapons.

Distortion Weapons space a bit different than power Weapons. They space meant to disable ships and grain their power. Distortion tools don’t use any kind of ammunition and also will drain shields and also ship components until the delivery shuts down. They’re greatly used to take down a ship without damaging the hull.

All of these weapons equipment come in various weapon species like cannons, repeaters, and scatterguns. Each weapon kind has its own strengths and also weaknesses but you’ll have to experiment to discover out which you like best.


Your ship likewise has missiles the can help you in combat and also each missile has actually a different way of tracking their target.

Infrared or (IR) missiles track ships based on their heat and infrared emissions. An much easier lock can be acquired on pearls that are running "hot" by using energy weapons or less heat-efficient components. Friend can inspect your pearl IR ~ above the screen panels in her ship.

Electromagnetic or (EM) missiles track ships based upon their electromagnetic emissions which room released by digital weapons and components. Mindful energy management and also efficient materials can mitigate a ship"s EM signature to do locks more difficult.

Cross-Section or (CS) missiles monitor ships based on their cross-section and appearance. Lock-on time is long compared to IR and EM locking, however more daunting to fool and also unlikely to track the wrong target.

To lock your missiles you’ll need to have your target in sight and also then press the scroll wheel on your mouse once locked you can hold under the role wheel come launch her missiles. Friend can additionally lock an ext than one missile at a time if girlfriend click the scroll wheel multiple times. The max amount of missiles you deserve to lock is 4.

Missiles also have a restricted lock-on variety for size 1 missiles; you"ll have to be at the very least 1000 meter away before you have the right to start to lock ~ above a target. The bigger the size of her missiles the much more distance you should be far from your target before you’ll be able to lock onto your target.


With job 3.11 castle reworked countermeasures and all countermeasures job-related on missiles now. They also gave united state a time to affect timer on our hub so we’ll know just how close a missile is before we get hit. At the minute we have actually two species of countermeasures that we deserve to use.

The very first one is a flare decoy the is a projectile that emits a very solid signal to respond to missiles. You will do it be making use of this one a lot because it’s the main means to counter missiles. The default crucial binding for this is H

The second one is a chaff minimal jamming space which affects all kinds that sensor readouts. Think that it together a exhilaration bomb that will hide her ship in the field and your target will shed lock ~ above you. The default vital binding for this is J


Your ship comes with a lot of various components and also you can check them out by opened your mobiglass and going to your automobile loadout manager. All of these contents can be upgraded and swapped out however some that these contents can also be overclocked so you can get an ext performance from them.

You can overclock your contents by going to your ship panels clicking menu in the left corner, find the power icon then go-to items. Below you’ll uncover all her ship materials that you have the right to overclock.

Overclocking your tools will usually increase the rate of fire of her weapons but they will certainly overheat a bit faster. Girlfriend can likewise overclock your shields and other materials to boost their performance.

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All pearl come through radars and also these radars can pick increase IR and EM signals. If you can keep your IR and EM signal short you can obtain close to your target without them noticing you. This have the right to be achieved in different ways by having actually a stealth ship or by outfitting her ship v stealth components. Girlfriend can also turn off materials to lower your ship signals and turn them on only once you need them. Friend can check your own IR and also EM signal by going to her ship panels. You want your IR and EM as low as feasible if you want to hide from her target.

Combat missionsBounty huntingGeneral PVP


FunctionalityExample paths per-ship size