The For Honor Open Beta is going on this weekend and a lot of civilization are wondering how to invite friends to play multiplayer. This post covers how to sfinish a friend invite in For Honor so you can play Dominion, Brawl or Elimination matches. While the game is still in Beta tbelow are instances in which inviting friends might not occupational properly, yet just try aacquire and it should work fine.

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Note: If you"re just joining us in February, the For Honor beta the weekend of the ninth is an open up beta. You do not have to problem about inviting friends to the beta, simply accessibility Uplay, XBL Marketlocation or the PS Store and also download the For Honor beta to play.

How to Invite Friends for Multiplayer

To invite a friend to play multiplayer through you in For Honor, from the primary menu press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to accessibility the Social food selection or simply tab over to it. From here you deserve to usage the Left Analog Stick or d-pad to relocate the cursor over to the party area wbelow you"ll see at leastern your name at the peak via 3 open up slots below it. Move to any type of of the open slots and also push X (PS4) or A (Xbox) to open your friends list. Scroll down to the frifinish you wish to invite and push X (PS4) or A (Xbox), then press it aget on the "Invite to Group" option. Once they accept your invite you will view their emblem show up at the top of the display to the best of the NAT symbol.

Occasionally it will present you through zero friends digital. This is a glitch that commonly gets refixed if you wait a few minutes and try again. This happens many regularly appropriate after you"ve began the game, however other than waiting tbelow isn"t a solution for this glitch at the minute.


How to Invite Friends to the Closed Beta

If you got an invite via email from Ubisoft then you have the right to invite as much as 3 of your friends on Ubisoft’s Uplay organization. If you got an invite from a third-party website or you were invited by a frifinish, then you will not have actually the capacity to invite anyone else. Only world who were invited directly from Ubisoft have the choice to invite more civilization.

Once you’ve confirmed you have frifinish invites, log into the For Honor website and also look for the “Invite Friends” tab. From below you can invite other players on your Uplay friends list. If you’re playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 your friend will certainly obtain an email through a code to downfill the game via their particular console marketplace (PS Store or XBL). Playing on the PC, your friend will not obtain a direct email invite. Instead, the Beta will certainly be added to their Uplay library wright here they have the right to downfill and install it.

You have the right to double check your Beta pergoals at the official Ubisoft site.

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How to Receive an Invite in the Closed Beta

When looking for an Xbox or PS4 invite, you will certainly get an e-mail on whatever email account is connected through your Uplay account. If the email is empty, the perchild inviting you did not actually have actually any kind of invites. There’s also a bug that will sfinish empty emails also once invites are available, but Ubisoft is mindful of that problem. If you enrespond to the bug, sfinish an e-mail to Ubisoft explaining the instance and also primarily they will certainly sfinish over a code.