(businessman, television personality, and author)

Kevin O’Leary is a Chairman O"Shares ETFs & Beanstox Inc, Mr. Exorbitant on ABC"s Shark Tank. Kevin is married and has 2 kids.

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Quick facts of Kevin O’Leary

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Social Media

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67 years 5 months
July 09, 1954
Kevin O’Leary
Montreal, Canada
US$400 Million+
5 feet 9 customs (1.77m)
Mixed (Irish and Lebanese)
Canadian, Irish
businessman, television personality, and also author
Terry O"Leary
Georgette O"Leary
Stanstead College, St. George"s School, college of Waterloo, Ivey business School
Dark Brown
Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
December, 2021
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I actually think gift an business man is a state that mind. If you"re walk to it is in an entrepreneur, mine thesis is the you have to sacrifice whatever for some period in her life to be successful. You need to be myopic and completely focused and unbalanced in every way. Once you"ve achieved success, you"re totally free to do whatever you like.
Money tears family members apart for absence of, and for also much. It"s a very an effective force and you have to understand it and also respect it.
I"m not trying to do friends, I"m trying to make money.
One the the points I"ve learned is that women have the right to be an extremely astute investors since they"re far less emotional about money. They"re far much more pragmatic.

Relationship truth of Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is married come Linda O"Leary.He is dad of 2 (Trevor and Savannah).Kevin O’Leary is not having an affair through anyone presently.His sex-related orientation is straight.

More about the relationship

Kevin O’Leary is a married man. The is married to Linda O’Leary. The pair married in 1990. However, lock separated in 2011 but resumed their marriage after 2 years.

Linda functions as the VP of Marketing for O’Leary Wines. The pair has actually two youngsters from this relationship, Trevor, and also Savannah. The marital relationship is stable and also going strong as there is no news concerning any extramarital affairs at present.

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Inside Biography

Who is Kevin O’Leary?

Kevin O’Leary is an irish Canadian businessman, tv personality, and author. That is the co-founder the O’Leary Funds and also SoftKey.

Additionally, he has appeared in several Canadian television mirrors over the years consisting of ‘SqueezePlay’, ‘The Lang and O’Leary Exchange’, and also ‘Dragons’ Den’ among others.

Kevin O’Leary’s early on Life, Childhood

O’Leary was born together Terence thomas Kevin O’Leary in Montreal, Canada on July 9, 1954, to Georgette and Terry O’Leary.

Additionally, he has actually a brother, Shane O’Leary. His parents to be middle course family. His mother was from a seller background whilst his father’s family members were also businesmen. Hence, the learnt a lot around business native his parents, especially his mum.

His parental divorced as soon as he to be a child. Throughout many of his childhood years, he stayed in Cambodia, Tunisia, and Cyprus.

Additionally, he was interested in photography and aspired to become a photographer together a child. That holds both Canadian and Irish nationality. Furthermore, the belongs come a blended ethnic background of Irish and Lebanese.


Talking around his education, O’Leary attended Stanstead College and also St. George’s School. Additionally, he later received one honors bachelor’s degree in eco-friendly studies and also psychology indigenous the college of Waterloo. Furthermore, he likewise has one MBA in entrepreneurship native the Ivey business School.

Kevin O’Leary’s Career, Profession

O’Leary was originally selected because that an internship in ~ Nabisco in 1979. In addition, he likewise worked together an assistant brand manager because that Nabisco’s cat food brand.

After years at Nabisco, he started working together a television producer. Soon after, he co-founded Special occasion Television (SET). Later, he marketed the re-superstructure of collection and began Softkey in a Toronto basement. The agency also included his service partners, john Freeman and also Gary Babcock. Furthermore, Softkey additionally acquired The learning Company(TLC) because that $606 million.

Furthermore, O’Leary is also a co-investor and also director at StorageNow Holdings. He has likewise co-founded O’Leary accumulation Inc and O’Leary Ventures. He exit his book titled ‘Cold hard Truth: on Business, Money & Life’ in 2011. In addition, that has likewise released ‘Cold Hard truth on Men, ladies & Money’ and also ‘Cold Hard truth on Family, Kids, and Money’.

O’Leary has actually 3 credits as an actor and also has showed up in ‘Dr. Ken’, ‘The Neighbors’ and Redemption Inc.’. Furthermore, he has appeared as self on shows favor ‘Harry’, ‘Megyn Kelly Today’, ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Good Morning America’ among others.

Kevin O’Leary: Salary, network Worth

O’Leary has actually not revealed his present salary. However, he has an approximated net worth of more than $400 Million at present.

Kevin O’Leary’s Rumors, Controversy

O’Leary has been component of number of controversies in his career. He was chastised by the Canadian broadcaster CBC because that his comments towards Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist kris Hedges.

Additionally, in 2014, the was component of one more controversy after that made comment on ‘The Lang and O’Leary Exchange’ about the an international economy and also it owning money, goods, services, land, food, and water as an excellent news. At present, there room no rumors worrying his life and career.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, human body Size

Talking about his body measurement, O’Leary has actually a height of 5 feet 9½ inches (1.77 m). Additionally, his hair shade is black/Grey and eye shade is dark brown.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

O’Leary is active over society media. He has a huge variety of followers on social networking web page such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The has much more than 744.1k followers on Twitter.

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In addition, that has an ext than 635k followers on Instagram. Similarly, his Facebook page has an ext than 354.1k followers and also 320k subscribers ~ above Youtube channel.