John Michael Montgomery holds up his award after winning single Record that the Year because that "I Swear" during the 30th annual Academy of country Music Awards, Wednesday, might 10, 1995 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Lois Bernstein)

John Michael Montgomery was among the biggest country artists the the "90s. The Danville, Kentucky nativegot his startsinging through his brother Eddie, who would go on come become fifty percent of Montgomery Gentry.And from the moment his debut album Life"s a Dance dropped, the nation singer to be the toast of Nashville. Enormous hits like "I Love the method You Love Me", "Beer and also Bones," and the titular track "Life"s a Dance" driven the album to triple platinum. "I Love the method You Love Me" (the album"s 2nd single) to be Montgomery"s very first No. 1 fight on the Billboard country charts.

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The singer-songwriter"s sophomore album Kickin" the Upfeatured the smash hit love track "I Swear" and"Rope the Moon."

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Montgomery ongoing his chart-topping streak throughout the decade with hits like "I have the right to Love You favor That," offered (The Grundy ar Auction Incident), "No Man"s Land," it is in My infant Tonight" and "Cowboy Love."

Montgomery"s 1998 album Leave a Markincluded the optimal 5 fight "Hold On to Me," when 1999"s Home come You featured the peak 20 monitor "Hello L.O.V.E." and another peak 5 hit v the location track. In 2000, Montgomery released Brand brand-new Me,which spawned the heart-wrenching No. 1 hit "The small Girl," i m sorry featured Alison Krauss top top vocals.

Where is man Michael Montgomery Now?

So, what is john Michael Montgomery as much as these days?Well, don"t worry. The man with a 20 million dollar network worth is doing simply fine. In 2008, Montgomery began his own label, Stringtown Records. (He released 2008"s Time Flies ~ above his very own label.) He showed up on Colt Ford"s 2008 debut album Ride through the Country. He"s also still ~ above tour, currently hitting numerous casinos throughout the U.S.

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Montgomery is also energetic on social media, if you"d choose to store up through him ~ above a daily basis.

Mighty thankful because that this household of mine, and also grateful because that this life. May you all have a good Thanksgiving with your love ones. #thanksgiving #grateful

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an excellent memories native the #CMAawards end the years. Best of luck to every one of tonight’s nominees!

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Coming from such a musically talented household it need to come as no surprised that Montgomery"s son, Walker, is additionally country music artist. With two house house guiding him, I"m sure we"ll it is in seeing an excellent things indigenous the youngest Montgomery