Jenna Arend is a YouTube actress, vlogger, comedian, singer, and also internet personality. Jenna Arend is well-known from the all-girl YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls, wherein she do videos every Thursday indigenous 2011 to 2017. She is additionally known as CupcakeCutie170.

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Table of Biography

Early life and Childhood

Jenna Arend to be born in Covina, California, USA, ~ above February 23, 2000. Together of 2021, she turns 21 year old. She zodiac authorize is Pisces and she hold an American nationality. Furthermore, her parent’s names space Windy Arend(mother) and also Jeff Arend(father). Jenna’s dad, Jeff Arend is a semi-famous automobile NHRA driver who was a part of Russo racing 2016. He drove the Kalitta DHL Funny car from 2008 to 2012. Further, she has a half-sister called Rihanna Arend. She also has a pets dog called Roxy.

When she is no recording and uploading videos, Jenna loves safety time v her family and also friends and also has a many fun doing all sorts of funny activities. She is finest friends through Katherine that ‘SevenSuperGirls’ and also is also an extremely close friends through Trevor Moran, Kaelyn West, and Alex Angelo. Worrying her education, currently, she might be pursuing her high school. Jenna is an pet lover who always speaks out versus animal cruelty and advocates the prominence of nature and animals.


Caption: Jenna Arend acquisition photos v her mom and dad. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

Jenna belongs to the well-known YouTube channel ‘SevenSuperGirls’ where she makes and also uploads videos every Thursday. She uploads them on Thursdays only since there room six various other girls and also each among them has separate and particular days as slots, for this reason Jenna’s work is Thursday.

Jenna has been top top ‘SevenSuperGirls’ since June 30, 2011, come 2017, when she to be eleven year old. Her household members assist direct she YouTube videos and upload them because that ‘SevenSuperGirls’ every Thursday roughly 12:00 Eastern/9:00 Pacific. The themes vary every week and also include blogging, comedy, acting, pretending, fashion and also many more. Jenna’s Twitter tagline is ‘good girl v a little bit of attitude’ and this is obvious in a many her videos.

One of her most successful and also most-watched YouTube videos is titled ‘Jenna after ~ The Accident’ i m sorry garnered much more than 28 million views. In the video, she have the right to be checked out riding in she living room and kitchen ~ above a hoverboard and then having actually an accident. Jenna’s videos are practically like family members soap operas with her mother and also father who space heavily connected in she videos! as of now, about once a month, Jenna uploads a new video to her self-titled YouTube channel, “Jenna Arend.”

More around Jenna

She is pretty, quirky, and a an extremely fun girl which shows in she videos. A very positive and happy person, she is constantly doing part fun thing or the other, be it singing, dancing, eat or speak bikes and also hoverboards. She additionally uploads skits revolving approximately real-life troubles and tasks such together her ‘Expectation Vs Reality: Staying house Alone’ video where she list off nearly everything we go through as soon as something favor this happens and also hits the nail ideal on the head. In spite of being so well-known at together a young age, she is someone she fans can connect with. Jenna is a really lively and sweet-natured girl who videos soon perk up her mood top top a blue and bad day.

Personal Life

As of now, she is single. Jenna has actually an attractive personality which makes anyone attract to her. She has actually dated Dalton Ponce. As of now, she might be single. Although, she has been posting miscellaneous photos together with a couple of boys. However, she has not discover the news around her date history. Moreover, Jenna has actually never been affiliated in any kind that rumors and also controversies. It seems choose Jenna is entirely focused on her occupational rather 보다 stuck in any type of controversy.


Caption: Jenna Arend and her ex-boyfriend, Dalton’s photo before a year. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements


Caption: Jenna Arend posing for a picture in her car. Source: Instagram

Social Media and also Net Worth

She is obtainable on countless social media platforms. Jenna has got over 397K followers on she Instagram. She has actually earned much more than 36.4K pendant on her Twitter. Likewise, she is additionally famous on tik with more than 183.7K followers. Her self-titled YouTube channel has actually earned end 292K subscribers. Furthermore, Jenne has actually shared her email for company inquires.

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As gift a renowned YouTuber, she pockets a healthy amount the money from she profession. Her estimated net precious is around $250K-$300K. Currently, she can be enjoying her life with her family and also friends.