Over the past year, we’ve mutual a lot of great tips because that those that are just obtaining started through filmmaking together a hobbyist, along with an ext advanced advice aimed at those that have currently graduated from filmmaking school.

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However, there space some basic nuggets that wisdom that typically go ignored by newcomer (for reasons that nobody have the right to quite number out), setup back their progress by a considerable amount. Here are five of the most helpful filmmaking tips that have to never it is in overlooked, no issue your current level of experience.

1. Don’t Scrimp on Audio…

Spending the lion’s share of your budget to shoot top top high high quality (and yes, really expensive) film stock will probably go unnoticed and unappreciated by 99% the the civilization watching the perfect product. Shoddy audio quality, top top the various other hand, will ruin the watching endure for the very same 99%.

Even if the audio sounds okay-ish in your studio can be ~ while you’re in the editing and enhancing suite, it doesn’t guarantee the exact same audio track won’t sound disastrous through huge speakers during a public screening, or even just a mid-grade TV.

Certain audio problems can it is in a genuine nightmare (if not impossible) to fix in article production, therefore don’t hamstring yourself from the gain go—invest in an excellent audio equipment prior to shooting, or rental a sound technician who has actually their own and knows just how to gain the finest out of it. A good sound editor who can make the final mix balance beautiful will likewise pay dividends in the lengthy run.

2. …and absolutely Don’t Scrimp on exhilaration Talent

From the start, we have to state two things: filmmaking must be deeply enjoyable, and also there’s no reason why friend shouldn’t come to be friends v those that you work with.

While keeping this in mind, however, you should likewise exercise excessive caution if you border your casting choices to exclusively your close circle that friends. You’ll finish up offering them unnecessary passes for their less-than-impressive work, unless your friends happen to be expert actors in the first place (in i beg your pardon case, capitalize ~ above your an excellent fortune!).


Sure, hiring world who room trained in the field may expense you a bit, but again friend won’t regret investing in real talent. A really good way to save overheads low, there is no sacrificing top top quality, is to buddy up through some acting school graduates—chances space they won’t fee an arm and also a leg, are proactively interested in broadening their human body of work, and also have a lot of talent ready and also raring to go.

3. Hear to external Perspective

Okay, it’s admittedly paradoxical to list advice about taking advice top top an post discussing advice newbies don’t actually listen to. However, not taking on plank constructive criticism is one of the many common pitfalls a headstrong filmmaker autumn afoul of.


Don’t let this it is in you. If your DP, or command actress, or any other professional you’ve hired has an idea on how a specific aspect that the manufacturing under your remit have to be handled, take it ~ above board. Same goes for any feedback you acquire from test screenings.

4. Don’t simply Make that Up together You go Along

On a movie v a huge budget and in a people where time costs money, everything is planned to the Nth degree ahead the the shoot. Meetings with the director of photography are held ahead that time, extensive rehearsals with the actors space conducted, areas are scouted, the manuscript is all yet finalized, shoot lists planned, and also storyboards attracted up.

Why should your production be any kind of different?

Good planning prices nothing, therefore don’t just turn up on set and mean to get good results by muddling v the day. This often-ignored an essential of filmmaking feeds into our last piece of advice…

5. Take yourself Seriously

Again, filmmaking should be naturally fun (even if you’ll encounter moments in i m sorry you’ll want to tear your hair out!), but just since it’s funny doesn’t typical you shouldn’t treat her own initiatives with reverence.

It’s an extremely common for new filmmakers to denigrate themselves, thinking that just because it’s their first short or that they’ve “only got a small budget,” their calculation doesn’t matter. It does, and also you must treat your occupational the exact same as if you’d been commissioned by Hollywood to produce a multi-million dissension summer blockbuster.

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In short, don’t compare your chapter one with someone else’s chapter twenty. Put your heart and soul into it no matter what your limitations, and also take proud in her achievements.