He"s no Ninja, yet he"s certainly made a name (and a tidy sum of cash) for self on YouTube. Evan Fong, aka Vanossgaming, has actually 24 million subscribers on YouTube. His unique, eye-catching thumbnails knife him numerous views on his shenanigan-filled GTA 5 and also Gmod videos. The dude has actually a effective brand ~ above his hands, however how much money is the making him?

At the finish of 2019, Forbes noted Vanossgaming as one of the "kids" who room killing it on YouTube. He was tenth top top their list of the highest possible paid YouTube stars, butting increase against large names like Markiplier, PewDiePie, and Jefree Star. In stimulate to number out precisely how lot these monolith channels are worth, Forbes made earnings estimates "based top top data from Captiv8, SocialBlade and Pollstar and also interviews with industry insiders."

With this methodology in mind, Forbes calculated the Vanossgaming need to be grossing $11.5 million each year. That"s nothing come sneeze at, to put it plainly. In between June the 2018 and also June that 2019, Vanossgaming attracted in about 1.5 exchange rate views. Again, a very impressive number, but let"s break that down right into dollars and cents.

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YouTubers earn their big, bodacious paychecks by monetizing your channels. Thanks to his healthy and balanced upload schedule, SocialBlade estimates that Vanossgaming earns an typical of 4 million views every day. Those 8 million eyeballs looking in ~ the ads ~ above his channel brings in anywhere between $1,100 to $17,700 every day. It"s no wonder then that his network worth is estimated to it is in $25 million.

Not everyone can end up being one of the many subscribed-to channels on YouTube, yet Vanossgaming was able to execute it. He"s been at this totality YouTube point for a if now and also only seems to it is in getting far better at attracting those hard-won views. The truth that he has actually dozens of videos v upwards that 8 million see speaks volumes to his success, and his hefty network worth, as a YouTuber.


YouTube isn"t also Vanoss"s lone avenue of revenue. Pan are always looking for methods to refer their assistance of their favorite creators. Vanossgaming fans deserve to pop on over to Evan Fong"s official store. He has actually slapped the well-designed owl logo onto T-shirts, basketball shorts, pins, lanyards, map decks, posters, hats, and more. There space dozens that items the callback to iconic Vanossgaming moments and dozens of those item are marketed out.

Recently, Vanoss had a "Gold Hoodini" collection that supposedly sold prefer hotcakes. The $50 hoodie and also $30 T-shirt were snatched up regardless of their premium price. Now the next large Vanoss collectible is a vinyl number of that rascally owl. According to the Vanossgaming Twitter, offers are minimal and quickly running the end for this $35 collectible.

While us can"t recognize the precise sales figures linked with the Vanossgaming merch store, we have the right to infer the selling hundreds of $30 fanny packs more than likely adds approximately a tidy little profit. Yet merch likely isn"t do Vanoss as much money as his main sponsorships are.

A quick scroll through Vanoss" Twitter mirrors some of the sponsorships he"s had in the past months. Mobile gamings that target YouTubers prefer Best Fiends space advertised there, as expected, yet some much more familiar brands there the have... We"ll say significant budgets as soon as it pertains to marketing. Tubular Insights, a site dedicated to tracking video clip marketing insights, listed that Vanossgaming was sponsored by none various other than Ubisoft ago in August. Vanossgaming"s 24 million subscribers earned Ubisoft around 2 million views. That translates right into a financially rewarding investment.

Tubular Insights endorses Vanossgaming as a solid selection for the gamings industry to advertise with. The reaches the human being most likely to pick up a controller or download your app. The truth that gamings like Monster Legends and even Dauntless reach out so often speaks volumes to the cash monies he"s making indigenous sponsorships. Again, we deserve to only guess just how much money this bring in, its for sure to say that Evan Fong isn"t worried around his financial institution account.

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We"ve made guesses before regarding how much money the most renowned of famous YouTubers and also Twitch stars make, yet in the end only said star and also their accountant important know how much money they"re making turn off of their great name. Forbes guesses that Vanossgaming has a network worth of $25 million, however we"d venture to say the he"s do a can bit much more after you chip in the cash indigenous merch and sponsorships. Any method you slice it, though, Vanossgaming is worth a tidy sum.