So I just used 17 tranq arrows in a lvl 2 trike's face. The didn't happen out, for this reason I supplied all mine stones (about 20) with my slingshot to try and take it him down. Still didn't happen out. I'd really like to obtain a trike so ns can lug stuff and also farm berries, how plenty of tranq arrowhead should I have actually when trying come tame one ?


says it must only take 3?

a trikes head actually has damages resistance, make sure to shoot that in the body.

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Yup, the was it. Take it me 5 arrows as soon as shooting in ~ his body.

Too poor he determined to walk for a swim before passing the end so that drowned. ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

Yup, the was it. Took me 5 arrows when shooting at his body.

Too bad he decided to walk for a swim prior to passing out so the drowned. ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

So what did I execute wrong ? how come the didn't pass out ? i spaced castle all out so the the DoT deserve to do its work and also aimed because that the head every time.

I'm not sure - did you absolutely get hit markers? did he have actually arrows stuck in his head? also 17 body shots would certainly knock the end a level 2 trike

I walk it at night so ns couldn't see an extremely well, yet it definitely sound like I gained a hit.

Not sure if he had actually arrows grounding in that is head since when ns was the end of arrows and rock I sent out my raptors and acid spitting mini raptors ~ above him and also they fucked that up before I got enough time come check.

dododex app for your phone. It's your friend.

It would display 2 rows and a multiplier top top the side. Trike head is 0.15x iirc so to the body is probably 2-3 and also head is 10+

It's an extremely helpful as part dino's take bonus damage to the head, others do not. Choose a direbear, no headshot region (i think) so simply hit the damn thing and also not worry about headshots.

The flip side is stuff choose argies that generally die from damage if friend don't usage tranq darts. I found that the end the hardware as soon as i killed a level 130 the first time around.

The torpor dealt is a percent of damage done, therefore if you had waited longer between shots you probably would not have actually killed the argy.

This is her friend:

Also, it accounts for the 2x bump so don't placed 2 because that official.

Trikes, pachys, and also a few other dinos actually gain pretty comprehensive damage reduction to the head as result of all that bone armor.

Also, build a taming pen. Ramp going up to a pit developed by foundations walled by open up doorways. Dinos walk in, lock don't come out, and you deserve to take as much time together you should gather tranqs/food/etc.

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