Here’s the answer to the riddle that’s been hurting your bran for hours – how many type of sides does a circle have?

The UK has actually currently been in coronavirus induced lockdown for over six weeks. That suggests six weeks of no going to the pub, no eating out, and actually no leaving the home at all unless it’s a critical journey.

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Being confined to your own house gets harder as the weeks go on. First you drained Netflix of every little thing great tbelow wregarding watch on there. Then Disney+ came out and tright here was one more brief bout of too much TV watching. Then you did a few TikTok challenges, digital workout videos and also a bit of baking.

But all these things acquire boring after a while, and we’re constantly on the search for brand-new develops of quarantine entertainment.

Yet one point is continuing to increase in popularity, as we are increasingly seeing riddles circling round our social media pperiods. They’re simple yet so tough. You spend hrs trying to work out the answer and then kick yourself as soon as you know it bereason it was simply so straightforward. You can’t believe you didn’t gain it!

Riddles are the ultimate create of lockdown entertainment, and the newest one to add to the list is ‘How many type of sides does a circle have?’ Easy, right?


What is the ‘just how many type of sides does a circle have actually riddle’?

All you need to execute for the riddle is straightforward ask your friends, family members, or post onto social media: ‘How many type of sides does a circle have?’, and also then wait for their response.

You think it’s easy? Have an additional think. The answer isn’t as basic as it first appears.

Answer: How many sides does a circle have?

A circle has actually 2 sides

You probably said that a circle has one side, and also, in the message book meaning that you learnt in major institution maths, yes it does have one side.

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But the answer to this riddle is a small various.

Why does a circle have 2 sides?

To answer this riddle, a circle has 2 sides. And the explanation is…

It has actually an inside and an outside!

HAHAHA! My dad is so stupid & funnyDad: How many sides does a circle have?Me: NoneDad: NO there’s 2!Me: How?!Dad: Inside & Outside!

— Yanah (
yanahmagalued) December 22, 2013

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