How do I get even more Oran Berries in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver to cure the Miltank over Olivine City from its illness? I did not create even more Oran berries in my berry pots and have run out of my initial batch. Is there a Pokemon that could be holding it if I capture it?



I understand you will find an additional Oran Berry later on in the game; I skipped the Miltank thing (it"s not vital for completing the game) and also eventually came across an additional berry, though I do not remember precisely wbelow.

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You deserve to acquire Blue Shards from smashing rocks, then profession through the Juggler in Violet City.

But most likely the simplest method is to sfinish a Pokemon to the Refreshing Field area on the Pokewalker. Once you have 300 actions in sooner or later, usage the Dowsing Machine and there is a great opportunity you will acquire an Oran Berry.

Once you have one Oran Berry, transport it ago to your game, plant it in your Berry Pot, and water it routinely (around every 4 hours). You should acquire numerous more, which you have the right to replant aget and also again.

One more option: on Fridays, the Daily drawing edge has oran berries as a third location prize. Costs 300 per drawing, deserve to be done as many type of times as you have the money for it and is a simple method to rack up oran berries for the moomoo farm ahead of time.

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Tright here are 4 means to acquire Oran berries:

1. Capture a Pokémon which carries Oran berries.

In HeartGold/SoulSilver, the following Pokémon have actually a 50% possibility to lug an Oran Berry when encountered. Catch them or use a Pokémon with the relocate Thief or Covet (while transferring no item) to take the berry:

Pikachu (Viridian Foremainder, rare)Furret (Route 1, rare)Linoone (Many kind of paths, while listening to Hoenn Radio)

The complying with Pokémon have actually a 5% possibility to lug the Oran Berry:

Sentret (Route 29, Route 1)Zigzagoon (In towers, while listening to Hoenn Radio)

Bibarel, Pichu, and also Raichu likewise bring the berry, however cannot be recorded all over in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

2. Get the Berry Pots item from the flower shop in Goldenrod City.

The Berry Pots is a crucial item which enables you to plant berries and also grow new ones. Water them eextremely four hours or more for ideal yield. The Flower Shop is straightforward to miss, as Goldenrod is a huge city. Search all the back-roads till you find it.

3. Use the Pokéwalker.

If you unlocked the Yellow Forest route throughout the occasion, Pikachu recorded on this path often carry Oran berries. Otherwise, they are typically uncovered as items on the Refreshing Field path. No various other routes have the Oran berry.

4. Give blue shards to Juggler in Violet City.

Shards are got by utilizing Rock Smash on rocks. The Juggler in Violet City will provide you one Oran berry for each blue shard. The Pokéwalker paths Night Sky"s Edge, Scary Cave and Warm Beach likewise bring blue shards as rare items.

5. Trade from one more game.

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Oran berries are conveniently grvery own in Pokémon Diamond/Platinum, and also show up on wild Bibarel. Trading virtual for any kind of of the Pokémon detailed above as carrying Oran berries might present up some transferring the berry. In addition, shards were much easier to come by in those games.