Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times From the CD "Led Zeppelin" Written by Bonham/Jones/Page Atlantic Records 82632-4 This is from part air guitar, part improvisation, so tbelow arebound to be mistakes. Lyrics were taken from Stuart Christopherson"svariation of this song, in chord format (smc
walrus.com| = not a traditional bar line; simply used to sepaprice music~ = vibrato or hosted noteh = hammer onp = pull offs = slideb = bfinish string up to indicated pitch/fretr = release bend to shown string/frettr = trill; play the note(s) suggested rapidly and repeatedly (very same thingas tremolo picking)o \_o / repeat authorize (always look for these!) = fret box; this is a

C majorC chord - this is the exact same as standard tablature, just turned on its side. Tilt your head clockwise to read.+ = bass position for wah-wah pedal (depressed totally back)o = treble place for wah-wah pedal (depressed totally forward) - usage wah-wah pedal o + o + o and so on + o + o + etc + o + o +e:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----|B:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----|G:--9~------------|-------|--9~---------|-----|--9~-|-----|-9~-|-----|D:--9~------------|--9---|--9~---------|--9-|--9~-|--9-|-9~-|--9-|A:--7~------------|--7---|--7~---------|--7-|--7~-|--7-|-7~-|--7-|E:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----|tr tr

E MajorE D MajorD

A augmentedAe:-------------------------------------|---------------5--5--5-------|B:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----5--5--5-------|G:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----6--6--6-------|D:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----7--7--7-------|A:-----7--5----5~----------7-5---5-----|---5--5--5-----7--7--7-------|E:--0-------7--------0---------7-------|---------------5--5--5-------| E MajorEe:-----------------------|------------5-5-5----0~--------------------|B:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---5-5-5----0~--------------------|G:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---6-6-6----1~--------------------|D:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---7-7-7----2~--------------------|A:--5-5-5---7~~----5~----|----5-5-5---7-7-7----2~--------------------|E:-----------------------|------------5-5-5----0~--------------------|Tune progression: x1With :How many type of more times treat ...How many even more times treat ... x1When I offer you all my ...I"ll provide you all I got to ....I"ll give you all I"ve gained to .....I"ve acquired to obtain you ... x1I"m certain, sure ....

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- Wish I can transcribe it! Sounds prefer a solo over E MajorE and also D MajorD on rhythm guitar I deserve to only tab the ending.Repeat first area as necessary, then do the last bit.e:---------------------------------------|---------------------------|B:----5--7--7b9~~----7b9---7--5h7p5------|---9~-------9-------------|G:o-7~------------------------------7~~-o|---9~-------9-------------|D:o-------------------------------------o|---9~-------9-------------|A:---------------------------------------|---7~-------7-------------|E:---------------------------------------|---------------------------| tr - goes via the following part, then just perform whatever you want Iguesse:-------------------------------------------------------------------|B:-------------------------------------------------------------------|G:-------------------------------------------------------------------|D:-------------------------------------------------------------------|A:-------------------------------------------------------------------|E:---7s10~~~~-----7s4~~~~~-------------------------------------------|Start hitting E MajorE But I"m gonna give .... E MajorEEOh Rosie, ... E MajorEEOh Rosie, ... E MajorE E MajorESteal amethod currently, .... E MajorE E MajorESteal ameans baby, ... E MajorE E MajorELittle Robert Anthony .... E MajorEWhy don"t you come... E MajorE E MajorE E MajorESteal away, all best... - through the next collection of lyricse:-------------------------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------9------------------------------------|G:o-----------------------------9-----------------------------------o|D:o-----------------------------9-----------------------------------o|A:------------------------------7------------------------------------|E:---0---0-0--5-5-5-5-5s7--0-----------------------------------------|They speak to me the ...They contact me the .... E MajorE E MajorE E MajorE E MajorE E MajorE E MajorE E MajorE etcAin"t no require ... D MajorD D MajorD D MajorD D MajorD D MajorD D MajorD etcAin"t need ... E MajorE E MajorECausage I"ve obtained you in ...With : How many type of even more times ... How many kind of more times ...I"ve gained to gain ... but different timingBaby, please ...With :Why do not you ...With :Why do not you .... x3Strike E MajorE many type of times
Althe majority of tright here ...

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