How to convert Weeks come Minutes

To transform a main measurement come a minute measurement, multiply the time by the switch ratio.

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Since one week is same to 10,080 minutes, you deserve to use this straightforward formula come convert:

How countless Minutes room in a Week?

There room 10,080 minute in a week, which is why we usage this value in the formula above.

1 wk = 10,080 min

Weeks and minutes space both units supplied to measure up time. Keep reading to learn more about each unit that measure.


One mainly is a time period of 7 days.The following days room a component of a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Weeks can be abbreviated together wk; for example, 1 week can be written as 1 wk.


The minute is a duration of time same to 1/60 of an hour or 60 seconds.

The minute is an SI welcomed unit for time for use with the metric system. Minutes deserve to be abbreviated together min; for example, 1 minute have the right to be created as 1 min.

Week come Minute conversion Table

Week dimensions converted to minute Weeks minutes
0.0001 wk1.008 min
0.0002 wk2.016 min
0.0003 wk3.024 min
0.0004 wk4.032 min
0.0005 wk5.04 min
0.0006 wk6.048 min
0.0007 wk7.056 min
0.0008 wk8.064 min
0.0009 wk9.072 min
0.001 wk10.08 min
0.002 wk20.16 min
0.003 wk30.24 min
0.004 wk40.32 min
0.005 wk50.4 min
0.006 wk60.48 min
0.007 wk70.56 min
0.008 wk80.64 min
0.009 wk90.72 min
0.01 wk100.8 min
0.02 wk201.6 min
0.03 wk302.4 min
0.04 wk403.2 min
0.05 wk504 min
0.06 wk604.8 min
0.07 wk705.6 min
0.08 wk806.4 min
0.09 wk907.2 min
0.1 wk1,008 min
0.2 wk2,016 min
0.3 wk3,024 min
0.4 wk4,032 min
0.5 wk5,040 min
0.6 wk6,048 min
0.7 wk7,056 min
0.8 wk8,064 min
0.9 wk9,072 min
1 wk10,080 min

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