Onions room notoriously difficult vegetables to chef with, mostly since they finish up blurring your vision and also leaving a strong smell even a pair of work later. To do things more difficult, onions have a whole set of class you have actually to reduced through. As soon as you look at it, it’s fairly strange.

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Why do onions have layers, quiet ? and what perform those layers perform ? walk garlic have layers ? and why carry out raw onions reason gas and stomach aches ? Why room they sweet once cooked ?

Onions space are confusing together they room delicious, and they have the right to instantly add a many flavor to any type of meal. Therefore let’s take a closer look in ~ this vegetable, since it’s in everyone’s kitchen.


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Why carry out onions have actually layers ?

Why carry out onions have actually layers ?

Onions have actually layers because, together they grow, a new layer sprouts from the inner seed, and also the outer layers dice off. This layers space actually the beginnings of leaves, and above ground they space the long, green, fleshy pipeline you see.

Onions flourish in bulbs, and this means new layers will proceed to kind from the inside, pushing the older persons outward, till it is time come sprout a flower. Because of this, the outer layers of an onion are dehydrated and papery, and also the inner layers are tightly pack together.

So once does an onion recognize to stop farming ? It stop growing, or producing an ext layers, once it’s time to form a flower. This method the weather and also nutrients need to reach a details level, because that the bulb to mature and also actually create flowers.

Commercial onions are generally harvested prior to they develop flowers, and also they have anywhere from 8 come 16 layers. The exact number of layers relies on the onion’s age and variety.

The instance of spring onions

Spring onions are perhaps the finest example of just how an onion grows. A large, mature onion is round and also bulbous-looking. A feather onion is long and thin, and the white end has no yet started to rotate bulbous.

The more you let an onion grow, the rounder the white component becomes, as brand-new layers keep emerging. The innermost layers space the brand-new green sprouts you watch in the center of a eco-friendly onion.

And when you cut a environment-friendly onion, you’ll notification many layers merely coming off the white part. If you to be to leave the onion come grow, those layers would thicken and become rounder, and the bulb grew. This is why ‘older’ spring onions are round-tipped and also not as vulnerable in flavor. They’re just maturing into their full, ring form.

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How countless layers perform you peel turn off an onion ?

When skin an onion, you should remove every the papery skin on the outside. Cut half an inch off the top, and also a tiny bit from the bottom. Climate look at the first layer girlfriend see, examine it because that imperfections choose a soften texture, a moldy bit, or just being as well thin and beginning to peel turn off anyway. Remove that layer as well.

This method you’re left with onion layers that host together very well, and are perfect snug. This will make cut up the onion lot easier.

Why carry out onions sprout ?

Your onions have started sprouting because they’ve been exposed to direct sunlight and also moisture. If save on computer for lengthy enough, onion bulbs will bring sprouting anyway, definition you can safely thrive your very own onions in ~ home.

To keep onions indigenous sprouting, save them in a coo, dark, dry place that is well ventilated, come avoid any excess moisture the plant might use to sprout.

Why execute onions reason gas ?

Onions can cause gas since they save on computer fructose, a kind of sugar that some civilization may have actually a resistance to. In that instance the furustos is not soaked up in the tiny intestine, instead travelling all the way to the colon. There bacteria failure the fructose, causing gas and painful bloating.

Not everyone experiences this, however those who do will usually discover they are very bloated after eat fruit and vegetables, also if cooked.

Another reason onions can reason gas is because they contain diet fiber. They contain much less fiber than broccoli, cauliflower, and also cabbage, but they quiet contain some, and also thus can make girlfriend gassy.

Why room onions sweet ?

Onions space sweet as soon as cooked since the organic sugars in them are still present, yet in a smaller amount of cooking food. As you cook the onions, lock sweat and also reduce your size, since their humidity evaporates. However the furustos does not evaporate, for this reason the cooked onions will always seem sweeter than the life ones, complete of moisture.

You deserve to make onions sweeter by cooking them for longer, and actually caramelizing them. This procedure calls because that a longer cook time, on a lower temperature. Otherwise you danger scorching the onions.

If you want your onions less sweet, don’t cook them as long, and also use red onions. Yellow and white onions are the sweetest ones.

Why do onions odor ?

Onions have actually a certain smell because of their sulfur content. Similar to garlic, onions attract the sulfur indigenous the floor they flourish in. This additionally influences how solid the onions taste, and also how spicy they finish up. If you were the eliminate the sulfur entirely, the onion would certainly not taste that anything, and it would not smell.

You can remove the smell of a cooking onion by wiping down the surface in the kitchen. The smell clings to oil and also fat, for this reason you’ll have to use something like lemon juice or food soap to aid things along.

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As for your skin, onion and garlic juice stick t it because they bond through the keratin on her skin, nails, and hair. The gets appropriate in there and also does not budge unless you do the washing up it out through something like dish soap or shampoo. For this reason be sure to always, always wear gloves when taking care of onions, garlic, leeks, and similar foods.