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Death Stranding has received combined reviews with some gamers love it and others hating it. One usual question the gets inquiry by death Stranding football player (or those considering to buy a copy) is how countless episodes over there are and also how lengthy it’ll take you come beat the game. Come answer these questions, we’ve put together a quick guide top top the total number of episodes in death Stranding.

How plenty of episodes room in fatality Stranding?

There are 14 illustration in fatality Stranding, and also it"ll take it you roughly 40 hrs to to win the game.© Kojima Productions

In fatality Stranding, football player will have to work through 14 episodes in complete after perfect the opened Prologue. If you counting the Prologue as an episode in and also of itself, you could technically speak that fatality Stranding has actually 15 episodes. To gain through every 14 the the main episodes in fatality Stranding, you’ll must put in approximately 40 hours of gameplay.

Note the in numerous episodes – especially the opened 3 – you’ll need to sit through an extensive cutscenes that help establish the game’s lore. If you’ve play other gamings from Hideo Kojima choose Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you’ll most likely be acquainted with these sort of cinematic cutscenes.

While you have the alternative to skip past countless of these cutscenes and fast-forward through locations of dialogue between Sam and also the human being he’s delivering items to, it’ll still take it you a sizable chunk of time to complete all 14 episodes in fatality Stranding. tastecraftedmcd.comain, 40 hours is the median completion time for fatality Stranding.

If you’re looking to visit every feasible location and also deliver as countless items as possible while building structures for various other players to use, this perfect time may increase. Come recap, there room 14 episodes in fatality Stranding, 15 if you want to counting the Prologue. It will certainly take you approximately 40 hours to beat fatality Stranding; less if you skip cutscenes and also dialogue, much more if girlfriend explore and engtastecraftedmcd.come in next activities.

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