11:00 am Media accessibility Information listed below The Elections division notified the Nicholas Kristof project this morning that it is rejecting his filing for Governor because he go not meet the constitutional requirements to serve. Article V, § 2 that the Constitution requires a candidate for governor to have been a "resident in ~ this state" for three years before the election. "The rules room the rules and they use equally to all candidates for office in Ns stand by the determination of the experts in the Elections division that Mr. Kristof go not at this time meet the Constitutional requirements to run or serve as Governor," claimed Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. "As’s chief elections official, it is my duty to make sure all candidates on the statewide ballot are qualified to offer if elected. The Elections department and regional election officials use the exact same standards to recognize qualifications for thousands of candidates in dozens of offices every year. In this instance, the candidate clearly does not fulfill the constitutional need to run or serve as governor of"ORS 249.031(1)(f) calls for all candidates to provide a signed statement affirming the they will certainly qualify because that office if elected. elections public representative evaluate even if it is prospective candidates fulfill residency requirements by checking voter registration records. If those documents are poor to verify residency, or if public representative become conscious of other concerns around residency, lock ask prospective candidates come provide additional facts. Elections officials throughout the state regularly review the residency of prospective candidates; it is not uncommon for officials to refuse prospective candidates who carry out not fulfill eligibility requirements."If Mr. Kristof chooses to appeal, the Elections division is committed to act everything feasible to allow courts to decide promptly," said Deborah Scroggin, poll Director. "My office remains focused on ensuring a fair procedure and meeting our march 17th deadline, after i beg your pardon clerks start printing ballots. While the main election is in May, for’s elections administrators, the work starts much sooner."ORS 246.910 states that a human who is adversely impacted by any act of the Secretary of State or by any type of order, rule, directive, or instruction do by the Secretary the State under any election law, may appeal to the appropriate circuit court. statute needs the Secretary the State to provide a list of default candidates to county clerks by March 17, 2022, permitting them to design, print, and mail ballots because that the might 2022 major election. Secretary the State Shemia Fagan and professional staff from the Elections division will organize a press accessibility for credentialed media and also take concerns at 11:00 a.m.

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