Hi. Ns can cut my plane fare in half if i fly right into STL instead of SGF and drive to Branson for a 7-10 work stay. I'm thinking late April.

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How much is the drive and also how rapid can I obtain there, avoiding as much traffic and construction as possible and obeying the speed limits (sort of). I load a radar detector.



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The previous poster is right on, time wise. On our last trip, and also we frequently do a couple of more stops than most world do, the drive took us 4 hours and twenty minutes. There's really just one effective road for gaining down there (Highway 44). MapQuest, Yahoo, or any of the direction sites will give you that route.

i live in lebanon,mo. Ns am about a hour and also a half from Branson, 2 1/2 hours from St. Louis. It will take a little over 4 hours. I-44 is the best way to gain to springfield, then you will certainly take hwy 65 south to Branson. I-44 usually has a small road building and construction somewhere, no large delays right now. It is 4-lane, 70 miles per hour. Hwy 65 will be 60 thru Springfield, climate 65 mph the remainder of the way. This is pretty greatly patroled through the way. Us know about flying the end of St. Louis, matches the much closer Sgf. Out of curiousity, why Branson?

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4.Re: St. Louis come Branson lately.....how far and also how fast?
12 year ago
We room flying right into St. Louis mid October, security a couple of nights in StL and also then driving come Branson. If over there an area between StL and Branson that would be a an excellent one night stay. It's our very first trip to MO so we desire to check out as much as we can. Any kind of ideas would be appreciated.

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5.Re: St. Louis to Branson lately.....how far and also how fast?
12 years ago
3 1/2 come 4 hrs is right.

The ideal overnight stop on the way to Branson is more than likely St. Roberts, about 2 hours down I-44. Rolla would be an it s okay stop, too, yet I think the many hotels in St. Roberts are mostly newer. Together I recall, the comfort in looked pretty nice. I've just seen that from the interstate.

As much as attractions, thre are three caves you can explore: Meramec Caverns, Onondaga Cave, or Fisher cavern (in Meramec State Park). The last two space run by the state parks dept, for this reason they're much less commercial.

If you desire a strange town where you can stroll a pair of shops, protect against by Steelville. St. James has a course 66 Museum, together does Lebanon. Both space small, yet interesting.

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I recognize there are some museums on the ft Leonard lumber base that room worth seeing. One is a collection of temporary structures used in WWII, i think.

Springfield has actually the initial Bass pro Shop, which has a nice wildlife museum following door.

If you have time, avoid at the course 66 canoe rental and also take a to rise trip. Castle float top top the big Piney river, i beg your pardon is very slow (good for beginners), also a beautiful river.